Web3 MMO Worldwide Webb Rebrands to Soulbound

Web3 MMO Worldwide Webb Rebrands to Soulbound

What is Soulbound?

Originally known as Worldwide Webb, Soulbound is a web3 MMORPG that blends rogue-lite combat with MMO elements to create a distinctive gameplay experience.

Soulbound recently achieved recognition by winning the Adventure Together Games category in the Discord App Pitches 2024, highlighting its potential to integrate MMO gameplay with Discord’s Embedded App SDK to foster player interaction and collaboration within the platform.

Backed by Pantera Capital, Soulbound emphasizes browser-based gameplay and a dynamic, player-driven world, aiming to deliver a unique multiplayer gaming experience by merging traditional gaming elements with innovative concepts.

Worldwide Webb Rebrands to Soulbound Source: Soulbound

What can we expect from Soulbound?

According to the announcement on X, this release is the team’s “biggest patches yet,” and introduced the following new features:


Foraging & Chemistry: Players can now explore the Playa area to discover rare plants with the guidance of new NPCs, Pip & Squeak. The update introduces the Foraging skill, enabling players to gather resources and craft powerful consumables using a newly added chemistry table.Automated Market Maker (AMM): A new trading system, the Automated Market Maker, facilitates instant resource trading within a liquidity pool. Players can earn LP tokens by depositing liquidity and set limit orders to manage their resources effectively.Raids and Group Challenges: Players can now engage in challenging group activities including The Abyssal Raid, Boss Rush Challenge, and Mining Rush Challenge. The first Abyssal Raid was scheduled on June 27, and players are encouraged to check the event calendar for daily schedules.Cosmetic Enhancements: A new cosmetic head slot allows players to personalize their avatars without impacting gameplay stats. Additionally, Finnley, a new vendor, offers exclusive cosmetic items obtainable through high-risk activities and AMM transactions.

Additionally, several improvements have been released, including an event calendar to keep players updated on in-game events, an enhanced tutorial for a smoother onboarding experience, a block list feature for better social management, improved user interfaces for social interaction and vendor management, and enhanced audio experiences to enrich the overall gaming atmosphere.

The update also addresses various bugs and improves gameplay stability across dungeons, inventory management, and connectivity issues.

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