Bitcoin’s Price At Risk Of Falling To $50,000, Crypto Analyst Warns


In a scathing assessment of Bitcoin, the largest digital asset by market capitalization, popular crypto analyst and trader Mags has warned BTC investors, highlighting that the crypto asset may drop as low as $50,000 in the short term.

Will Bitcoin Drop To $50,000 Soon?

Mags has identified a crucial element that Bitcoin must manage to avert a drop below the $50,000 price level. This warning comes amidst a wave of pessimism and increased uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market, which has experienced sharp swings and an overall negative view in recent weeks.

The analyst bases his forecast on the long-term trend of Bitcoin around the range low, which may result in a rise or a fall in value. According to Mags, the digital asset is testing the range low for the fifth time since March. 

He further noted that the price has been moving in a narrow range over the past few months, and a significant breakout could be on the horizon. However, the price is now in a crucial support zone that has to be held back to prevent a further downtrend, possibly to the $50,000 mark.

BTC testing the range low for the fifth time since March | Source: Mags on X

Although Mags pointed out that the crypto asset has already seen a fakeout below $60,000, a swift recovery, and a solid run-up to the range high, if the price falls below the range low once more, the development will be regarded as a genuine breakout instead of a fakeout.

The post read:

We have already witnessed a fakeout below $60,000 followed by a quick reclaim and a nice run-up till the range high. If the price breaks down below the range low again, we will consider it an actual breakout rather than a fakeout.

Thus far, the crypto expert has highlighted the absence of a significant support zone before the $50,000 and $52,000 price marks, noting that the price is keeping the range low “nicely,” and the general outlook for Bitcoin is still optimistic.

In light of the recent heightened volatility and pessimistic sentiment in the market, Mags’ analysis highlights the significance of BTC remaining above critical support levels and improving market conditions to maintain its value.

Dips Are Good Time To Purchase BTC

Over the past 3 months, BTC has been in a consolidation phase, triggering fear and uncertainty among investors, with most of them selling to minimize losses whenever the asset declines.

Offering insights on the subject, Mags has advised investors not to waver as a consolidation or dip after the Bitcoin Halving is very common, as demonstrated by every cycle. According to Mags, these market declines have historically favored acquiring BTC.

Mags revealed that many investors mistake this period for distribution or a cycle top. As a result, they sell early or sit out the best part of the rally, which he believes usually begins a few months after the Halving. Furthermore, the analyst has highlighted that these investors could miss out on a 250% gain in this cycle should BTC hit $200,000.

BTC trading at $61,720 on the 1D chart | Source: BTCUSDT on

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