Milei Moneda: A Growing Meme-backed Project

Milei Moneda: A Growing Meme-backed Project


A large number of Notcoin gamers gifted Pavel Durov over 1 billion NOT, which is now worth about $7.3 million.
Milei Moneda’s presale has sold over 68 million tokens in three stages.
Although not affiliated with Javier Milei, this project boasts a rapidly growing community of supporters who resonate with his libertarian ideals.

Pavel Durov has received a generous donation from over half a million players of the viral Telegram-based clicker game Notcoin (NOT). The in-game coins were sent to Durov as a gesture of gratitude for the messaging app that hosts the crypto game. Durov has said he plans to hold onto the tokens until they experience a 100x increase.

There is a rising appeal for Milei Moneda ($MEDA), a new meme-backed project. This cryptocurrency has several associated perks, such as access to exclusive and trending NFTs (non-fungible tokens), no transaction taxes or team allocation, and, for stability, its liquidity is locked. $MEDA’s presale has generated significant interest, leading many to speculate on the potential for substantial gains.


This read explores the rising allure of this top ICO and the donations the Telegram founder received.

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!


Milei Moneda’s ($MEDA) Utility Heightens In-Demand

Milei Moneda is a new meme coin inspired by the political and economic views of Javier Milei, an Argentinian president known for his libertarian and pro-Bitcoin stance. It presents a fresh and better opportunity than older and conventional meme coins, which have primarily maxed out their potential due to a lack of utility. Having a practical utility alongside the meme coin allure, $MEDA offers investors a timely opportunity to diversify their portfolios and position themselves for high returns.

There are well-mapped-out plans for the profits to run nonstop with Milei Moneda: its deflationary structure, staking rewards, the launch of decentralized finance projects in its ecosystem, you name it. But what’s even thrilling now is the presale profits. The presale will conclude soon, but you can still claim a return on your investment. Each token is now selling at a DeFi coin price of $0.015 and will rise to $0.020 once the token launches on Uniswap on May 21, 2024, where you can expect to gain a 33% return.

Beyond the potential financial gains, Milei Moneda offers additional incentives that make it an appealing investment. Members of the growing Milei Moneda community have decision-making power in the platform’s future, approving only the best governance proposals for implementation. $MEDA holders enjoy monthly giveaways, substantial discounts, and access to trending NFTs. Also, with a considerable allocation for its marketing, individuals are incentivized to bring forth rewards for quality collaboration proposals that will propel the platform.

All these enticing benefits have attracted many eyes to Milei Moneda, translating to selling over 68 million tokens in its top ICO with substantial token sale revenue. This presale is in the third stage—near its official launch. Further adding to the appeal of this project is that the team already has its smart contract audited by SolidProof, which shows that the project also prioritizes security.


Notcoin (NOT) Players Generously Donate Millions Of Tokens To Pavel Durov

Over 552,000 players of Notcoin contributed a share of their in-game coins to Billionaire Telegram Founder Pavel Durov, resulting in him acquiring around 1.03 billion NOT tokens. These tokens are currently valued at approximately $7.3 million, though it was slightly lower at $6.8 million when Durov announced it. Durov has stated that if the value of the tokens surges to $680 million, he will sell them to acquire additional servers for Telegram, further supporting the messaging app’s infrastructure. Notcoin, launched as this year’s most prominent gaming token, has a market capitalization of about $570 million. 

Having temporarily paused its coin-tapping gameplay in April to prepare for the token rollout, NOT was officially listed on Binance and other top exchanges on May 16. As is often the case with new cryptocurrencies, Notcoin’s value has experienced volatility since its launch, plummeting by 25% to its current DeFi coin price, slightly above $0.0055, according to CoinGecko.


Pavel Durov disclosed that he plans to hold onto the tokens he generously received from Notcoin gamers till they see a 100x increase, underscoring his belief in the growth potential of the crypto. Central to Milei Moneda’s success is its practical utility and alignment with the principles advocated by Javier Milei, the inspiration behind the token. The project merges cryptocurrency, politics, and blockchain technology to create a unique project and community. The latest meme coin has its post-launch events planned for profits, and $MEDA could be your big breakout this year, so visit the presale website to bag your tokens early.

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