Immutable Passport Transforms NFT Gaming, Hits 1M Signups

Immutable Passport Transforms NFT Gaming, Hits 1M Signups

Immutable Passport—which creates secure wallets for users to manage and transfer assets like NFTs across various gaming platforms—has reached a significant milestone. Its signups now exceed 1 million. 

Designed to “onboard the next billion users to web3,” as stated in an X post, the blockchain-based identity solution for gaming saw its user base jump from 400,000 to 1 million in just one month, fueled by 700,000 new active users.

In addition to attracting a million registrations, the company’s ecosystem now supports over 300 well-funded blockchain games. One significant title, Guild of Guardians, notably saw over a million players sign up ahead of its global release just last week. 

The number of Immutable Passport signups is increasing consistently, and the target of docking significantly more is visible on the horizon.

immutable passport signups
immutable passport signups Source: X (Immutable)

Immutable Passport’s Self-Custodial Model

A significant challenge for game developers is maintaining user retention, which is often hindered by complex signup processes. Immutable Passport addresses this by providing each user with a unique, secure identity, facilitating more accessible access to games and markets.

The platform streamlines gaming onboarding with password-free sign-in and automatic wallet setup, enhancing access while maintaining high security through a self-custodial model that ensures privacy and provides valuable analytics.

Further, it introduces a dashboard, which enables easier discovery, storage, funding, and management of in-game items like NFTs and links to external wallets across different platforms. 

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Boasting innovative features and rapid growth, Immutable Passport is poised to become a cornerstone in the gaming industry, seamlessly connecting players, developers, and digital assets worldwide.

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