Ledger Begins Shipping Stax Wallet Designed by Tony Fadell

Ledger Begins Shipping Stax Wallet Designed by Tony Fadell

Ledger, the web3 company specializing in cryptocurrency security solutions, has started shipping its new Stax wallet, created in partnership with Tony Fadell—known for his involvement in developing the iPod.

The device aims to simplify digital asset management, including NFTs and cryptocurrencies, and features a curved E Ink touchscreen, claimed to be the first of its kind, offering an always-on display while conserving battery power.

The device is compact, about the size of a credit card, and boasts a secure element certified to the highest industry standards (CC EAL 6+). It includes connectivity options such as USB C, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, and support for Qi wireless charging with integrated magnets for easy stacking of multiple units.

Source: Ledger

Security-Packed Web3 Wallet

The Ledger Stax wallet will be available for new orders in the summer of 2024, with priority given to early pre-orders.


Tony Fadell, iPod Godfather and Prinicipal at Build Collective, said, “Crypto and NFTs pre-Ledger Stax were like MP3s pre-iPod: managing them was hard. I designed the Ledger Stax experience to manage digital assets easily. Ledger Stax delivers the world’s first curved E-Ink secure touchscreen. It’s delightful to use, always-on, but doesn’t hog your battery. And of course it has a decade of trusted Ledger security experience packed inside.”

Pascal Gauthier, CEO and Chairman of Ledger, also noted the significance of the release, saying, “By bringing Ledger Stax to market, Ledger has proven its ability to deliver truly innovative products, backed by a best-in-class, secure supply chain.”

Further details are yet to be revealed at the Bitcoin 2024 conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

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