Bonds Are the ‘Biggest Lie,’ Bitcoin Is the Future

Bonds Are the 'Biggest Lie,' Bitcoin Is the Future

Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has debunked the commonly held belief that bonds are generally safe investments. In a recent tweet, Kiyosaki labeled the notion that “bonds are safe” as the “biggest lie” propagated by financial planners to “gullible” investors.

He even went on to warn that even highly rated AAA bonds are poised to crash, particularly due to the looming crisis in the commercial real estate market. Instead, he advocated for Bitcoin as a crucial component of a safe investment strategy.

Bonds: The “Biggest Lie” in Investing

Kiyosaki, who is known for being a Bitcoin proponent, argued that financial planners mislead ordinary investors by promoting bonds as secure investments and predicted that even high-rated AAA bonds are at risk, especially in the commercial real estate sector, which he believes is headed for a significant downturn.

According to the prominent writer, this impending crash will lead to substantial losses for many, including those considered “sophisticated” investors. Kiyosaki contrasts bonds with what he deems safer assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin, suggesting these will surge in value, urging investors to reconsider where they place their trust and capital.


“As they say in Hawaii: ‘Aloha.’ Best get into safer real assets such as gold, silver, and. Bitcoin before their prices explode. Aloha.”

Opportunity if Bitcoin Makes Devastating Turn?

Last month, Kiyosaki referenced financial analyst Harry Dent’s dire prediction of an impending “everything” crash, which he anticipates will severely impact the Baby Boom Generation as their home values plummet and the S&P 500 drops by 80%.

Dent also predicted that Bitcoin would fall back to $200 per coin. Meanwhile, Kiyosaki viewed this potential downturn as an opportunity and was enthusiastic about the prospect of acquiring Bitcoin at such a low price, believing that those who are prepared and hold these assets will emerge as multi-millionaires or even billionaires.

Kiyosaki reiterated his stance that regardless of whether Dent’s predictions materialize, investing in gold, silver, and Bitcoin will prove profitable in the long term while simultaneously dismissing the dollar as “fake money.”

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