Is AI going to upend the face of gambling?

Is AI going to upend the face of gambling?

AI has made some – to put it mildly – big changes in our world in recent years, and although nobody can say for sure what it’s going to do next or what kind of impact it’s going to have on many aspects of our lives, people are eagerly looking out for those alterations (some with slight trepidation). What does it mean for those who love the buzz and thrill of the casino world?

Precise predictions are, of course, challenging to make, but it’s likely that AI is going to make major alterations soon to the way the gambling world works. Now, we’re going to caveat the whole article by reminding people that AI is a long way from perfect at the moment (and that’s generating some serious concerns and major complaints), but it’s also pretty powerful and has a lot of potential… so let’s unpack that!

What’s AI Already Doing?

You might (or might not) be surprised to learn that AI is already doing a lot of work in the online casino; it’s responsible for a whole lot of the computing that goes on behind the scenes (where, let’s be honest, most players aren’t looking), and it helps casinos across the planet function effectively, ensuring their games work – and work well.

We all know that AI doing a lot of the legwork when it comes to making online games play – it’s got to be able to respond effectively to player behavior, make intelligent decisions, and present even the best players with worthy opponents that can test their skills. And does it do so? Yes… staggeringly well at times.


AI does some other major jobs too, one of them being to analyze player behavior for both safety and personalization reasons. In terms of safety, it’s got some hard-hitting advantages: it can learn how an individual player generally behaves when gambling online and look for discrepancies that could indicate fraud is occurring. The account can then be paused while an investigation takes place – potentially saving players from losing large amounts of money to scammers! Sounds pretty good to us.

Next, AI bumps up the relevance of offers and bonuses, again by watching what players do online. They’ll note what promos and deals you click on, respond to your preferences, and create offers that have been honed to exactly match your tastes! This is a great way to enhance the casino experience for players; you’re not just getting any old offer in your inbox, but a proper, useful offer that aligns with the games you play and the things you like (well, most of the time; we all know this isn’t perfect yet!).

The new power casinos have to analyze player behavior can also lead to better regulations and more responsible gambling, creating win-wins for everyone involved.

What’s Coming Next?

Next, let’s turn our sights to that exciting horizon, and the anticipation of what we might see in the future. Well, firstly, it’s going to become better and better at playing games, as mentioned above – the more we train AIs, the better they become at their various tasks. So even the games where they currently don’t excel are likely to become better in the future.

We’re also likely to see better graphics hitting the scene, as AIs improve their ability to generate images well. Got a favorite online live poker game, for example? The graphics might already seem swish but wait until a few years down the line… they’ll be unbelievable, especially if they get coupled with VR at some point! We’re looking forward to seeing how Australian online casino games (and other casino games, for that matter!) develop as time passes.

Their player analysis is likely to improve too. We’ve all laughed at how bad computers seem to be at predicting our likes and dislikes at times (we’re sure you’ve experienced that moment where you get a dozen ads for a product you’ve already purchased, for example), but it is getting better… and we don’t see that trend going away any time soon. Of course, the more data the AI has, the better its predictions become, so it’s likely that casinos are going to bump up their focus on customer loyalty even more, which is no bad thing. It often leads to increased offers and bonuses to encourage you to stick with them, and nobody is complaining about that!

It’s hard to predict what else may come out of these exciting trends, but one thing is for sure: this isn’t slowing down or going away, and we’re expecting to see some intriguing developments in the next few years as more and more companies adopt and invest in AI. Casinos are just one small element, but they’re a fantastic example of where AI is now and what we might see coming as time progresses!

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