Linea Launches Surge to Boost Network Liquidity, StationX Emerges as Key Player

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Linea has launched Linea Surge, a multi-part initiative designed to boost liquidity and total value locked (TVL) on Linea’s layer 2 (L2) blockchain network, according to The Surge introduces a new token, LXP-L, which rewards users for retaining assets on Linea and offers bonuses for leveraging those assets with partner protocols. StationX, an on-chain capital coordination protocol, is emerging as a key player in the Surge.

StationX and the Surge

StationX offers users a way to participate in various communities and experiment with new DeFi strategies. Through stations by StationX, on-chain communities can pool resources, raise capital collectively, and manage assets as unified, large liquidity providers (LPs). The protocol has recently gained traction, with the Efrogs community integrating with StationX to offer a new membership model. StationX represents a movement that harnesses collective action for amplified rewards, including the potential to earn LXP-L tokens from the Surge.

Understanding StationX

Stations enable on-chain communities to raise capital together and manage assets as single large LPs. They can directly negotiate with protocols for additional incentives to their stations. Points are rewards distributed by StationX to users participating in the Surge. Moreover, users can earn LXP-Ls by joining featured stations or by creating and funding their own stations with a minimum of 0.01 ETH.

Creating and Joining Stations

Creating a station is a simple process that takes less than 60 seconds. Users can earn Points every hour after joining their first station. They can also earn LXP-L by joining featured stations or creating their own. The Efrogs core team manages the funds raised inside the Efrogs station V1. Withdrawals from stations will be available from summer 2024, allowing members to take back their ETH plus their share of accrued APY/rewards earned from the station’s LP positions.


Best Practices for Using StationX

Users are advised to use an easily identifiable name and token ticker while creating a station, double-check if they are joining the correct station, and ensure they are connected to the Linea network on They can also customize their station’s contribution page with a description, images, logo, social links, and more from the ‘preview & edit’ section.

Linea’s Surge represents a significant step in the growth of the DeFi sector, with StationX standing out as a crucial element in this development. The initiative not only enhances liquidity but also opens up new opportunities for user engagement and rewards.

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