Yuga Labs’ CEO Reveals Bored Ape’s Latest Developments

Yuga Labs' CEO Reveals Bored Ape's Latest Developments

In a candid “10-day check-in”, Yuga Labs CEO Greg Solano shared the latest developments for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), expressing excitement while holding himself accountable for the NFT brand not yet reaching the desired proficiency in product development. 

Acknowledging past woes, Solano humbly admitted he is “still not back to an appropriate depth and command of product yet”—following stepping back into the role of CEO to “unshackle the BAYC team” in February 2024. 

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After that, lightening the tone, he revealed a host of new Ape-centric projects and enhancements in the pipeline, which promise innovation and enjoyment for the OG NFT project’s current 6,163 collectors. 

bored ape yacht club developments Source: X (Greg Solano)

Numerous New Ape Offerings Await

In a recent X post, Solano revealed that BAYC’s latest initiatives are being created through the ‘ODK’ platform, to enhance the creation and monetization of 3D games and social experiences within the crypto sphere.

Building upon ODK’s robust capabilities, he then announced ‘Project Dragon’, an adrenaline-fueled action game designed to host large-scale team battles.

Further, in another move to broaden creative horizons via ODK, Solano hints at forthcoming “brand expressions” within the NFT project’s Otherside metaverse.

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Another highlight in Solano’s portfolio is ApeFest, an immersive event he claims to be “real cult shit”. As part of this, he teases “the best ApeFest merch drop yet, with some nice anti-FUD measures built in to avoid lines and people not getting what they want.”

Additionally, the CEO’s endeavors include revamped versions of Dookey Dash, complete with a mode “so simple your mom can play” and a prize worth $1 million. 

He also emphasizes the Yuga team’s proactive engagement in driving forward advancements within the Clubhouse—a virtual world that only Bored Ape and Mutant Ape collectors can revel in. 

Each of these ongoing developments reflects Solano’s dedication to pushing boundaries and reshaping conventions within the dynamic web3 realm through the Bored Ape Yacht Club brand. 

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