Cristiano Ronaldo’s Latest NFT Collection: What to Expect

Cristiano Ronaldo Set to Launch Fourth NFT Collection Amid Legal Challenges

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to release his fourth non-fungible token (NFT) collection on the Binance NFT Marketplace on May 29.

This collection celebrates the legendary footballer’s storied career, featuring digital highlights from his most iconic moments.

Binance Yet to Reveal Cristiano Ronaldo NFTs’ Price

Partnering with Binance, Ronaldo continues to make significant strides in the blockchain space. This latest series captures his journey from modest beginnings in Madeira to international fame, showcasing his signature plays such as bicycle kicks and historic goals.

Expressing its excitement, the Binance team highlighted the collection’s broad appeal. It caters to newcomers to NFTs, die-hard Ronaldo fans, and experienced collectors alike. Each NFT serves as a piece of football history, commemorating two decades of Ronaldo’s sporting excellence.


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“My football journey has seen me travel around the world, and I’ve been honored to play for some of the most prestigious clubs out there. Now it’s your turn to join me on that journey too,” Cristiano Ronaldo said.

Furthermore, the collection offers exclusive access to coveted utilities and benefits within the sports industry. Although the total number of NFTs and their prices will only be revealed at launch, Binance has stated that most will have uniform pricing, except for a special ‘Super Rare NFT.’

However, Ronaldo’s NFT ventures have not been without controversy. In November 2023, he faced a lawsuit for allegedly promoting unregistered securities through his Binance partnership. Filed in Florida, this case has sparked discussions on the ethical responsibilities of celebrities in digital asset promotions.

Legal experts believe Ronaldo may consult with his advisors about the possibility of settling. This legal issue highlights the complex responsibilities tied to celebrity endorsements of investment opportunities in emerging markets.

Ronaldo’s engagement in NFTs reflects a larger trend where celebrities merge their professional successes with blockchain technology, offering fans new ways to engage. His arch-rival, Lionel Messi, also has NFT exposure, though not a dedicated collection.

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In November 2022, before the FIFA World Cup, Messi joined the French NFT trading card game Sorare as an investor and brand ambassador.


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