Xai Forges Path for Web2 Game Developers to Join Web3

Xai Forges Path for Web2 Game Developers to Join Web3

Xai Foundation—a major player in the Ethereum layer-3 gaming network Xai—has partnered with Outlier Ventures to guide traditional game developers into blockchain gaming through the ‘Xai Tokenomics Bootcamp’.

Built atop Arbirtum, the Bootcamp is an educational platform that fast-tracks blockchain game development and streamlines the transition of traditional video games into the growing web3 landscape.

It draws upon the considerable insights from Outlier Ventures in critical domains like token economics, proprietary game asset management, and cyber protection.

xai tokenomics bootcamp
xai tokenomics bootcamp Source: X (Outlier Ventures)

A Glimpse at the Bootcamp’s Pioneering Projects

Early results from the Xai Tokenomics Bootcamp have already been promising. The strategy card game The Lost Glitches successfully emerged from the pilot program, and an additional title is expected to follow soon. 


Building on these strides, The Media Indie Exchange (The MIX) is working tirelessly to port over 100 games to the Xai network before the year’s close. This ambitious project signals a surge of both newly developed and adapted web2 game offerings.

Taken together, these advancements are forging a new chapter in the synergy between legacy gaming frameworks and the cutting-edge universe of blockchain technology.

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