Wu-Tang Clan’s Exclusive ‘Shaolin’ Album Now Available for $1

Wu-Tang Clan's Exclusive 'Shaolin' Album Now Available for $1

Distribution and Future Release

The sampler will be sold as NFTs and will be hosted on Base with the distribution managed by Pleasr in partnership with Privy, Crossmint, and Holograph.

PleasrDAO stated that additional music from the album would become available as they work with the original artists. The goal is to eventually release the full project, although contractual agreements prevent the complete album’s public release until October 8, 2103.

Each sampler purchase reduces the countdown to the album’s full release by 88 seconds. The album remains encrypted and tradable via the cryptocurrency $ALBUM until then.

The Album recounts a private listening session on March 2, 2015, where Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and producer Cilvaringz presented the album to 150 invited guests, and this session has been the album’s only public airing until now.


Former Ownership and Legal Disputes

“Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” was originally sold in 2015 to Martin Shkreli for $2M, with conditions that restricted its commercial use for 88 years.

Shkreli’s attempt to auction the album on eBay in 2017 was halted after his conviction for securities fraud. The U.S. government later auctioned the album to PleasrDAO in 2021 for $4.75M.

Recently, PleasrDAO filed a lawsuit against Shkreli, alleging that he retained copies of the album and shared them publicly. A Brooklyn judge issued a temporary ban preventing Shkreli from streaming or distributing the album’s content.

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