World of Women Joins Tezos to Tackle Gender Imbalance in Web3

World of Women Joins Tezos to Tackle Gender Imbalance in Web3

In an empowering endeavor, the OG NFT project World of Women (WoW) has joined the Tezos ecosystem to elevate female participation and presence in the blockchain realm.

Such a collaboration is a direct counter to the existing gender imbalance within web3 spaces. Current figures indicate a stark underrepresentation of women within the web3 workforce, where they hold only 27% of positions — 13% of which are startup founders.

WoW on Tezos will provide a nurturing space for females to gather, explore web3 tools, and secure the essentials for their ventures to thrive on the blockchain.

world of women tezos
world of women tezos Source: X (World of Women)

A Catalyst for Female Led Web3 

The well-crafted resource distribution protocol conceived by Tezos paves the way for females to attain vital funding for their initiatives; Tezos is designed to kindle mentorship and inspire cooperation, setting the stage for new horizons to be discovered.


Further, WoW leverages Etherlink—a Tezos-powered Layer 2 blockchain—ensuring swift, reliable, and cost-effective transactions.

In a nutshell, this concerted effort by WoW and Tezos is determined to narrow the funding divide that heavily favors male-led projects with a significant investment advantage. It paves a trajectory for female engagement and active contribution to the web3 sphere.

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