What is SPL-404? Solana’s Hot New NFT Standard

What is SPL-404? Solana's Hot New NFT Standard

A novel token standard, SPL-404, is gaining attention on Solana for its ability to integrate NFTs and DeFi.

This approach combines the distinct qualities of NFTs with the liquidity and fungibility of traditional tokens, creating a unique hybrid asset.

This token standard allows swapping of NFTs into certain number of tokens, and vice-versa.

What is SPL-404 Token Standard?

Think of SPL-404 as a hybrid token — it uses Solana’s Token22 standard to mint NFTs with an intrinsic token value.


Traditional NFTs represent unique digital items, such as artwork, collectibles, or in-game assets and are typically less liquid than fungible tokens because each asset is unique. SPL-404 changes this by allowing NFTs to have an intrinsic token value, effectively assigning each NFT a certain number of underlying tokens.

This value can vary based on factors such as rarity, demand, or the tokenomics defined by the creators of a given collection.

As a result, this token standard provides more flexibility in trading and accessing liquidity.

Source: Gogonauts, Mall Street, Fluffys, The Delinquents

How does SPL-404 Combines DeFi and NFTs?

SPL-404 combines DeFi and NFTs by enabling NFT assets to be more like traditional tokens.

Ease of Trading: If each NFT has a built-in token value, it’s easier to buy and sell. You don’t have to hunt for a specific buyer—just find someone who wants the tokens worth.Accessibility: SPL-404 can lower the cost of getting into NFTs; instead of buying a single expensive piece, you can get in at a level that suits your budget.Flexible Use Cases: This new standard opens up some possibilities. For example, in a game, an SPL-404 NFT might be an in-game item with a token value, making it easier to trade or sell when you’re done with it.

What are current SPL-404 Projects?

Several projects on Solana are already adopting the SPL-404 standard.

These projects leverage the hybrid nature of SPL-404 to offer unique digital assets with more liquidity than traditional NFTs. Here are some examples:

MutantmonFluffysMall StreetGogonauts

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