Unlimited Debuts on Avalanche Blockchain

Unlimited Debuts on Avalanche Blockchain

What is Solo Leveling: Unlimited?

Solo Leveling: Unlimited is a digital collectibles platform based on the Solo Leveling IP that aims to immerse users in the world and narrative of Solo Leveling, and allow them to engage through an innovative reward system.

In Solo Leveling, players participate in battles within portals known as gates, earning monster cards as rewards. These cards can be upgraded, reflecting the character progression and leveling system central to the original story. Players with high-level monster cards unlock exclusive rewards, including limited-edition profile picture (PFP) NFTs featuring the main character from the series—Sung Jin-Woo.

Solo Leveling is structured to operate on a seasonal basis, incorporating community competitions and updates to maintain user engagement.

Monetizing IP through Digital Collectibles

“For web3 services to become popular, three things need to be improved,” said Mike Lee, CEO of OtherWorld. “The first is a blockchain wallet-based login method, the next is an environment where users have to pay a transfer fee to use the service, and lastly, use of cryptocurrency for payments. The service launched by OtherWorld will provide solutions that help to solve these problems.”


Beyond Solo Leveling, OtherWorld holds exclusive web3 rights to numerous webtoon IPs and plans to integrate future webtoon IPs and explore collaborations with K-pop artists through partnerships with entities like Cube Entertainment.

By incorporating K-pop IPs and focusing on user-friendly features like blockchain wallet logins and fee-free transactions, OtherWorld aims to make web3 technologies accessible and appealing to a broader audience.

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