Union and Stargaze Brings Ethereum Blue-Chip NFTs to Cosmos

Union and Stargaze Brings Ethereum Blue-Chip NFTs to Cosmos

Union, a modular interoperability platform, has partnered with decentralized NFT marketplace Stargaze, to facilitate the transfer of blue-chip Ethereum NFTs to the Cosmos ecosystem using the zkIBC bridge.

Union’s zkIBC bridge will enable the transfer of high-value NFT collections such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Pudgy Penguins from Ethereum to Cosmos.

This integration will also allow Stargaze NFTs to be listed in marketplaces like OpenSea, while ERC-721 NFTs will be available in Stargaze.

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Enabling Blue-Chip Ethereum NFT Interoperability

The collaboration involves using Union’s zkIBC bridge to facilitate NFT transfers between Ethereum and Cosmos. The process includes establishing an IBC channel between their testnets, ensuring proper mapping and encoding of NFT data. Union’s upcoming integration with AggLayer will also enable NFT transfers between Polygon and Stargaze.


Shane Vitarana, Co-founder of Stargaze, said, “We’re thrilled to work with Union to bring top Ethereum NFTs to IBC for the first time. This isn’t just about moving assets; it’s about connecting communities and simplifying the blockchain experience. We’re setting a new standard for interoperability and creating a more integrated NFT marketplace.”

Cor Pruijs, Co-founder and CTO at Union Labs, also noted, “Trustless interoperability between Stargaze and Ethereum NFTs is a game-changer. With Union’s zkIBC connection to Ethereum, we support general message passing, allowing us to securely provide merkle-inclusion proofs for NFTs. This efficient trading environment will revolutionize how NFTs are handled.”

This integration aims to enhance the liquidity and accessibility of NFTs on both Ethereum and Cosmos and is expected to attract more creators and collectors to both platforms.

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