Treasure Tapper Unveils New Daily Reward Feature to Enhance User Experience

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Treasure Tapper, a popular game under the Gala Games ecosystem, has introduced an appealing new feature designed to boost user engagement and reward loyalty. The new Daily Reward feature allows players to claim coins every day, enhancing the overall gaming experience, according to Gala News.

Daily Rewards: A New Incentive for Players

The Daily Reward feature is now accessible in the game’s Earn tab. Players can claim their rewards by tapping the Claim button daily. The reward system is structured to provide increasing benefits with continuous engagement:

Day 1: Claim 500 coins.
Day 2 and beyond: Watch rewards grow with each consecutive day.
Day 10: Reach a substantial 5 million coins.

This new feature not only incentivizes daily gameplay but also allows players to accumulate a significant amount of coins over time, even during periods of reduced activity. This approach aims to keep players engaged by providing consistent rewards and encouraging long-term commitment.


Future Enhancements and Blockchain Integration

In addition to the Daily Reward feature, Treasure Tapper is preparing to introduce a Missions feature, further expanding the ways players can earn and utilize their coins. These missions will offer opportunities to multiply earnings and purchase game-enhancing upgrades.

Furthermore, the game plans to integrate with the TON blockchain and GalaChain, allowing players to mint their rewards. This blockchain integration is expected to provide greater value and utility to the coins collected, making early accumulation through the Daily Reward feature even more critical.

Steps to Claim Daily Rewards

To take advantage of the Daily Reward feature, players should follow these steps:

Open Treasure Tapper.
Navigate to the Earn tab.
Tap the Claim button next to Daily Reward.
Repeat daily to maximize rewards.

By consistently claiming daily rewards, players can move closer to unlocking premium features and experiencing the luxurious lifestyle of the web3 upper class, including perks like private jets, personal chefs, and exclusive yachts.

Join the Fun!

For those who haven’t yet started playing, now is an opportune time to join the Treasure Tapper community. By participating in the game and utilizing the Daily Reward feature, players can enhance their wealth and prepare for forthcoming updates. Interested individuals can join the Telegram community to start their journey towards becoming prominent figures in the crypto world.

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