Torque Drift 2 Major Update: Iconic Car Models and Motorverse Integration

Torque Drift 2 Major Update: Iconic Car Models and Motorverse Integration

Torque Drift 2 Adds Iconic Car Models and Integrates with Motorverse

According to a recent announcement from Animoca Brands, game studio Grease Monkey Games (GMG) has released the official 0.9 update for their premier drift racing simulator, Torque Drift 2 (TD2). This update, available for PC on the Epic Games Store, introduces a suite of new features and improvements that enhance the overall gaming experience.

New Car Models and Features

The version 0.9 update brings a host of new car models from iconic brands such as Nissan, Toyota, and Honda. Players can now drive the Nissan R33, Toyota Chaser JZX100, Toyota MK4 Supra, Honda S2000, and Honda Civic Type R. These models join previously added cars like the Nissan R34, Nissan R35, Mazda RX7, Mazda MX5, and Nissan 370z, providing a wide variety of options for car enthusiasts.

In addition to new cars, the update introduces a new game mode called “Freestyle,” where players can test their drifting skills by hitting as many clipping points as possible within a set time. This mode includes Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro circuits to cater to players of all skill levels.

Multiplayer and In-Game Economy Enhancements

One of the major highlights of the update is the addition of multiplayer leaderboards, allowing players to compete globally for the highest scores. Leaderboards are reset weekly, giving players frequent opportunities to claim top spots and earn rewards. These rewards now include the REVV token, the central utility and governance token for the Motorverse ecosystem, and a new virtual in-game currency called Torque Funds (ToFu).


The in-game shop has also been revamped to make it easier for players to find and purchase what they need. Players can use REVV tokens and Torque Funds to buy new standard or limited-edition cars and parts.

Integration with Motorverse

Torque Drift 2 has officially joined Motorverse, a global digital ecosystem backed by Animoca Brands. Motorverse promotes digital vehicle ownership and culture and pioneers automotive IP and brand collaborations in various motorsport-centric games.

The update also adds support for the REVV token, allowing players to use it to purchase various in-game assets such as cars, parts, tracks, and services across multiple games within the Motorverse ecosystem. Players can earn weekly REVV rewards by reaching the top ranks on the newly launched leaderboards.

Developer Insights

“This update is a massive step toward finalizing the core systems that we’ve been building together with the Torque Drift 2 community over the past few months,” said Arran Potter, CEO of Grease Monkey Games. “From the new Freestyle mode and multiplayer leaderboards to the shop revamp and the introduction of ToFu and REVV, we are continuing our mission to provide the most realistic and engaging drifting experience possible.”

Will Griffiths, vice president of commercial strategy at Animoca Brands and general manager of Motorverse, added, “With the addition of REVV and further integration into Motorverse, Torque Drift 2 continues our shared mission to create the most expansive, immersive, and interconnected ecosystem for all motorsports fans across the world.”

Future Prospects

Since its initial release in Early Access in October 2023, Torque Drift 2 has been downloaded by more than 380,000 players, setting up a vibrant ecosystem for motorsports fans and enthusiasts. The game offers extensive profile and garage customization options, realistic car physics, and performance tuning for PC peripherals, including mouse and keyboard, game controllers, and simulator rigs.

Through numerous licensed partnerships, some of the world’s most prominent motorsport organizations and car manufacturers are already represented in the game, including Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Formula DRIFT, Konig, and Mishimoto, with more to be added in the near future.

For more information, visit the official website of Torque Drift 2.

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