Top Crypto Influencers for Altcoin Traders to Follow

Analyst Reveals Top Influencers Altcoin Traders Should Follow

As the altcoin season approaches, traders are gearing up for potential market shifts. Full-time DeFi analyst Xremlin believes in the importance of following the right voices to navigate the bull market.

He shared a curated list of top crypto influencers on X (formerly Twitter) who provide invaluable insights for altcoin traders.

Educators and OGs

@0x_gremlin: Known for trading, education, and calls, Xremlin offers sharp market insights.
@wacy_time1: Specializes in DeFi, trading, and educational content.
@rektfencer: Renowned for research, trading tips, and actionable calls.
@milesdeutscher: Covers news, trading strategies, and airdrops.
@ardizor: Provides trading education and details about airdrops.
@nobrainflip: Focuses on calls, educational content, and thorough research.
@leshka_eth: Delivers valuable information on trading, airdrops, and DeFi.
@LadyofCrypto1: Offers a blend of news, trading calls, and analysis.
@thedefiedge: Educates followers on DeFi with comprehensive content.

Meme Coin Traders

@blknoiz06: Combines humor with insights on low, mid, and high-cap coins.
@DeFiTracer: Focuses on low to mid-cap coins and memes.
@0xFinish: Specializes in low and mid-cap cryptocurrencies.
@0xReflection: Provides updates on low/mid caps and memes.
@notEezzy: Known for meme content.
@ardizor: Also noted for insights into low/mid-cap coins.
@DeFiMidas: Discusses low to mid-cap assets.
@tombheads: Focuses on low and mid-cap trading strategies.
@WisdomMatic: Shares meme-based insights on low-cap coins.


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Altcoin Traders

@GCRClassic: Esteemed trader with a significant following.
@rektfencer: Offers precise trading calls.
@QuantMeta: Known for quantitative trading insights.
@nobrainflip: Another must-follow for serious traders.
@RunnerXBT: Delivers reliable trading signals.
@leshka_eth: Combines trading with insights into airdrops.
@Pentosh1: Provides market analysis and trading tips.
@DeFiTracer: Shares his expertise in trading.
@Tradermayne: Popular for his market calls.
@lightcrypto: Offers in-depth market analysis.
@wacy_time1: Known for his educational content.
@RektProof: Shares valuable trading insights.
@CryptoWizardd: Focuses on technical analysis.
@0xPepesso: Provides market insights.
@CryptoKaduna: Known for precise market calls.
@LomahCrypto: Offers trading strategies.
@owen1v9: Delivers detailed market analysis.

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Airdrops Researchers

@rasgard_lodbrok: Expert in identifying valuable airdrops.
@DeFi_Hanzo: Focuses on profitable airdrop opportunities.
@OlimpioCrypto: Provides timely airdrop information.
@0xFarmi: Renowned for his airdrop insights.
@leshka_eth: Also covers airdrops extensively.
@DannyCrypt: Offers airdrop strategies.
@LintonWorm: Focuses on identifying promising airdrops.
@MingoAirdrop: Shares airdrop opportunities.

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Finally, for on-chain analysis, @0xReflection, @lookonchain, @0xChainMind, @cyrilXBT, @ArkhamIntel, @OnChainWizard, @nansen_ai, and @PeckShieldAlert offer critical insights into blockchain data and trends.

Following these influencers can provide traders with the expertise and knowledge needed to navigate the altcoin season effectively.


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