Top Altcoins Traders Are Bullish on Despite Price Stagnation

Traders Bullish on These Altcoins Despite Price Stagnation

Despite recent price stagnation, crypto traders remain bullish on several prominent altcoins. Analysis from Santiment, a leading crypto market intelligence platform, reveals intriguing sentiment trends.

According to Brian Quinlivan, Lead Analyst at Santiment, the data measures positive and negative commentary ratios, providing valuable insights into market sentiment.

Altcoins Traders Remain Bullish

Solana, for instance, exhibits a remarkably high bullish sentiment with a 3.03:1 positive-to-negative comment ratio. This optimism persists even as Ethereum, its primary competitor, gains more attention.

Crypto traders continue to express confidence in Solana’s potential for another significant rally despite its recent lackluster price performance.

Solana’s Market Sentiment. Source: Santiment

Similarly, XRP has shown a “lukewarm sentiment” with a 1.62:1 positive-to-negative ratio. This indicates that traders have grown somewhat impatient with its performance, much like with Cardano.

Although this ratio was lower earlier in the year, Quinlivan maintains that the reduced volume of discussions points to waning interest over time.

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XRP's Market Sentiment
XRP’s Market Sentiment. Source: Santiment

Meanwhile, Dogecoin, the largest meme coin by market cap, maintains a 2.06:1 positive-to-negative ratio. Known for its volatility, Dogecoin’s sentiment often mirrors general attitudes towards meme coins rather than its own fundamentals.

Despite minor price climbs, the overall positive sentiment suggests continued altcoin trader interest.

Dogecoin's Market Sentiment.
Dogecoin’s Market Sentiment. Source: Santiment

In the case of Shiba Inu, trailing Dogecoin as the second-largest meme coin, there is a 2.09:1 positive-to-negative ratio. This sustained positive sentiment over seven weeks is notable, given the coin’s lack of price rebound since early March.

The recent passing of the real-life Shiba Inu, which inspired the coin, might have temporarily boosted sentiment.

Shiba Inu's Market Sentiment
Shiba Inu’s Market Sentiment. Source: Santiment

Cardano presents another interesting case with a high bullish sentiment despite being one of the underperformers in 2024. With a 3.42:1 positive-to-negative ratio, traders remain hopeful about Cardano’s prospects, displaying what might be considered false optimism.

According to Quinlivan, this discrepancy between sentiment and performance raises questions about future price movements.

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Cardano's Market Sentiment
Cardano’s Market Sentiment. Source: Santiment

Quinlivan emphasizes the importance of monitoring these sentiment trends, as they can signal potential price tops or bottoms. High ratios of positive to negative comments often precede sentiment-driven price tops, while lower ratios can indicate bottoms.

“The higher the ratio between positive and negative comments, the more likely we are about to see a sentiment-driven price top. And on the other end, a low ratio can cause a sentiment-driven bottom,” Quinlivan said.

In conclusion, despite price stagnation, traders remain optimistic about several altcoins. Solana, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu, in particular, exhibit strong positive sentiment, while XRP and Cardano show more tempered yet still bullish outlooks.


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