Today’s Pixelmon Token Airdrop Sparks Rush for the Game’s NFTs

Today's Pixelmon Token Airdrop Sparks Rush for the Game's NFTs

Today at 9:30 a.m. (UTC), Pixelmon—an Ethereum-based NFT game inspired by Pokémon—is set to airdrop a significant amount of the $MON token, prompting a frenzy of NFT purchases. 

As per a recent X post, over 180,000 eligible wallets will receive the tokens via Mon Protocol: holders of specific Pixelmon NFTs, ‘Kevin the Adventurer’ players, participants in the PixelPals’ ‘Farm2Farm contest, and contributors of the $MON presale.

In line with such requirements, Pixelmon’s in-game NFTs have ascended to third place on CoinGecko, experiencing a remarkable 278.7% surge in trading volume within just 24 hours, buoyed by an impressive 4,941 new sales.

Consequently, daily transactions for Pixelmon NFTs have surged to $1,360,910 (349.31 ETH), setting a minimum price of $2,822.67 (0.72 ETH) for each NFT and boosting the project’s market cap to an impressive $35,469,697 (9,104 ETH).

Pixelmon token airdrop
Pixelmon token airdrop Source: CoinGecko

Notable Pixelmon Milestones

Pixelmon’s evolution has been remarkable, overcoming initial mockery of its Minecraft-esque graphics. With new ownership, a profound artistic makeover, and two years of effort, Pixelmon is now a formidable presence in web3 gaming.

A notable milestone in the game’s journey is the successful launch of Kevin the Adventurer—a game centered around a beloved character from the Pixelmon universe, which swiftly amassed 36,000 active players.

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The introduction of PixelPals on the Mantle network—blending pet care and trading card elements—has further bolstered the Pixelmon ecosystem.

LiquidX’s acquisition of Pixelmon’s intellectual property in 2022 also marks a pivotal turning point, propelling the brand into a realm of trading cards, merchandise, and multimedia adaptations.

As Pixelmon continues to chart its course towards broader horizons, the soon-coming airdrop stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation and community engagement.

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