Sui Overflow Hackathon Winners Announced

Birdeye Integrates Real-Time Crypto Market Data on Sui Blockchain

Sui’s inaugural global hackathon, the Sui Overflow Hackathon, has successfully concluded with 32 winners emerging from an impressive pool of 352 project submissions, according to The Sui Blog. The hackathon ran from April 21 to June 21, 2024, with participants showcasing their projects to a panel of 47 judges during Demo Days on June 15.

Competition Overview

The Sui Overflow Hackathon featured eight tracks categorized into Technology and Product. Each track awarded first, second, and third places, with two third-place winners per track. The hackathon also recognized 10 Community Favorite Awards, determined through online voting, and 10 awards for university teams, highlighting student contributions.

Project submissions spanned 79 countries, with significant representation from India, China, Nigeria, Vietnam, and the United States. Participants ranged from students to experienced blockchain developers, many of whom had previously worked on Solana, Polygon, and EVM-based chains. The judges shortlisted 65 projects, from which the track winners were selected.

Key Winners

Technology Track:


First Place: Pandora Finance – A decentralized prediction market incentivizing user votes on future event outcomes.
Second Place: – A payment mechanism for Twitch streamers using Sui, eliminating middleman costs.
Third Place:

AdToken – A transparent decentralized advertising solution.
Wave Wallet – A Telegram-based crypto wallet with investment tools.

Product Track:

First Place: Hop Aggregator – A high-performance swap platform.
Second Place: Aeon – A digital asset services platform integrating trade execution and asset management.
Third Place:

Shio – An auction platform focusing on maximal extractable value.
Hakifi – A decentralized hedging protocol for financial risk mitigation.

Special Awards and Recognitions

The Sui community voted for 10 Community Favorite Awards through an onchain app, with 29,545 votes tallied. These awards recognized projects ranging from DeFi apps to developer tools, including:

The University Awards spotlighted student teams, representing a new generation of builders with a unique focus on problem-solving. Notable winners included:

Looking Ahead

As builders begin developing and launching their projects, Sui continues to advance its technology, offering exciting new features and improving performance. The hackathon showcased the potential of Sui’s technology to create user value, and the community eagerly anticipates future innovations.

Stay tuned for the next Sui hackathon!

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