STR8FIRE Genesis NFTs Make Their Debut, Sell Out in Seconds

STR8FIRE Genesis NFTs Make Their Debut, Sell Out in Seconds

What is STR8FIRE?

STR8FIRE integrates web2 IPs onto the blockchain, expanding their reach by plugging them into narratives across animation, comics, games, toys and music by utilizing Epic’s Unreal Engine and Nvidia’s Omniverse platform.

The Genesis NFT collection consists of 1,200 free-mint NFTs, with over 814 claimed through guaranteed spots during the initial mint phase.

Holders of STR8FIRE’s Genesis NFTs will be eligible for an airdrop of their upcoming token $STR8X, launching later in 2024, as well as access to exclusive perks tied to the project’s IP partnerships.

An Acclaimed Team of Industry Experts

STR8FIRE’s team consists of a wealth of industry veterans, including a Marvel comic writer, a BAFTA-winning animator, an IP developer for Disney, and experts in AI and DeFi, with industry leaders Christiaan Eisberg, Xuyang Zhao, Ben Lock, and Haiwei Yuan at the helm.


The project continues to garner attention as it integrates web2 IPs into the web3 ecosystem, leveraging blockchain technology to redefine entertainment and intellectual property in the modern age.

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Combining Cutting-Edge Technology with Strategic Partnerships

STR8FIRE has developed a 3D Pipeline Technology, developed with Epic’s Unreal Engine and Nvidia’s Omniverse, enabling the creation of immersive, interconnected narratives.

“Web3 has the power to change the controlled world of IP through community participation and our IP development fund, creating a flywheel of products through NFTs, games and more,” said Christiaan Eisberg, Founder and CEO of STR8FIRE. “Our ecosystem is fueled by the $STR8X token. This is the native token that would be used to pay fees on the platform; pay in-game purchases, and buy in for play-to-earn games – which is one of the many perks that holders of this NFT will receive,” he added.

STR8FIRE is currently expanding its sci-fi animated series, titled VIRUS, into a comprehensive IP ecosystem, including a toy collection, mobile game and NFT series, in partnership with Bilibili – China’s largest animation studio.

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