Square Enix Adopts Arbitrum for Symbiogenesis Chapter 2

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Square Enix has recently announced the adoption of Ethereum Layer-2 network Arbitrum for its Symbiogenesis NFT character mint scheduled this morning.

The decision comes after the initial minting phase on the Ethereum mainnet. According to an X post from Symbiogenesis, Arbitrum will reduce transaction costs significantly compared to Ethereum’s mainnet for about 1/1000 of the previous cost.

The game previously used Polygon, an Ethereum sidechain, for other in-game NFT assets and it is unclear if Polygon will continue to be used alongside Arbitrum for future assets.

symbiogenesis-day-1-mint Source: Symbiogenesis

Symbiogenesis’ First Day Sales Blitz

Symbiogenesis, a narrative-driven game intertwining NFTs for characters and in-game items, offers an exclusive narrative experience accessible only to owners of specific character NFTs. The game aims to release a total of 10,000 characters.


In December, the game minted its first 500 characters on Ethereum, and are currently trading at under 0.12 $ETH (or approximately $452) on secondary marketplaces.

Today marks the launch of an additional 1,500 new NFT characters on Arbitrum, beginning with a public auction set to run for three days until Sunday. At the time of writing, Symbiogenesis has confirmed that NFT character sales for the first day of the auction have completely sold out.

For the latest updates on Symbiogenesis, follow the official X or visit the official website.

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