SingularityNET (AGIX)’s Istanbul Meetup Drives Strategic AI Developments

SingularityNET (AGIX)'s Istanbul Meetup Drives Strategic AI Developments

SingularityNET (AGIX) recently held a landmark technical meetup in Istanbul, Turkey. The event brought together leading figures within the organization and its ecosystem to discuss and drive forward their decentralized AI platform’s development, according to SingularityNET.

Key Attendees and Discussions

The meetup featured prominent attendees, including SingularityNET CEO Ben Goertzel, CSO Matt Ikle, Chief AGI Officer Alexey Potapov, CTO Sergey Shalyapin, and Head of Blockchain Development Albina Pomogalova. They were joined by ecosystem partners such as Mihaela Ulieru and Robert Moir from HyperCycle, Greg Lucius Meredith from, and Franz Josef Allmayer from HyphaDAO.

This diverse group gathered to discuss the current state and future direction of SingularityNET’s AI platform. Key topics included the platform’s development progress, strategic plans for the rest of 2024, and innovations in decentralized AI technology.

Platform Progress and Innovations

The first day of the meetup involved assessing the platform’s development and discussing strategic initiatives for the latter half of the year. Significant updates were shared, including advancements in Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models (LLMs), developments in AI-DSL, and efforts to simplify crypto complexities for non-technical users.


Notable progress was reported in integrating Hyperon Instances with HyperCycle computation nodes and utilizing NuNet for decentralized compute coordination. Additionally, the team explored the potential of integrating Sentience with Cardano and leveraging Rholang for node management.

Hyperon Alpha and Knowledge Graphs

The Hyperon Alpha phase is making strides, with a focus on developing small services in MeTTa and creating a comprehensive corpus of MeTTa programs. This initiative aims to train LLMs to code in MeTTa, enhancing the platform’s capabilities.

SingularityNET is also advancing its Knowledge Graphs, demonstrating their effectiveness in augmenting vector databases to combat LLM hallucinations. The team is developing easy-to-use APIs and a user experience UI for Knowledge Management platforms, ensuring interoperability of Knowledge Graphs.

Future Directions and Hardware Innovations

CTO Sergey Shalyapin shared insights on upcoming hardware advancements, focusing on supporting Hyperon nodes for AGI implementations and neural net training. Plans are in place to develop a hub for a broader decentralized compute network, which will be crucial for training and hosting AI services within a decentralized framework.

Shalyapin also outlined strategic plans for utilizing AGIX tokens for hardware optimization over the next one to two years, aiming to supercharge the development of Large Memory Models (LMMs).

The Istanbul meetup marked a significant step forward in SingularityNET’s mission to advance decentralized AI. The collaborative efforts of their team and partners are set to achieve substantial milestones in the AI landscape throughout 2024 and beyond.

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