Racer 1′ Goes Mobile This Month

Racer 1' Goes Mobile This Month

‘MixMob: Racer 1‘—a Solana-powered web3 game—will launch on May 14, having been postponed from its original May 7 date following enhancing in-game features. 

Introducing MixMob’s first versions for iOS and Android, the game is described as “Mario Kart meets Hearthstone“, as it combines card-driven racing with a dystopian world dominated by an evil AI.

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Strategic NFT-based card play on mobile will shortly enable players to win digital currency prizes, with the $MXM token facilitating governance and rewards in this free-to-play title. 


Since its release on February 1, the token has been distributed to early supporters and players via an airdrop. As the mobile launch nears, its value has increased by 23.68%, from $0.38 and $0.47 over the past week, as per CoinGecko.

mixmob: racer 1 Source: CoinGecko

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