Pixels Reveals Chapter 2, Introduces Several New Updates

Pixels Reveals Chapter 2, Introduces Several New Updates

Skill Consolidation, Tiered Crafting and New Recipes

Pixels Chapter 2 introduces several updates, including a reorganization of the skill system.

Skills such as Granger, Aviculture, Slugger, Petcare, and Fishing have been consolidated into broader categories like Animal Care, streamlining player progression.

Additionally, crafting industries such as Farming, Cooking, Woodworking, Metalworking, Stone Shaping, Mining, and Lumberjacking now feature multiple tiers, enhancing crafting options, with over 100 new recipes added.

Enhanced Farm Land NFT and Speck System

The Chapter 2 update also includes significant changes to Specks—the personal land plots within the game.


Each player starts with a basic Speck that includes a Tier 1 House, Trees, Soil plots, and a Mine. As players progress, they can upgrade their Speck up to five times, gaining additional land space and the ability to place higher-tier industries.

On the other hand, players who own farm land NFTs have additional privileges, allowing them to place industries based on their skill levels, up to Tier 4. These NFT lands come in various sizes to suit different gameplay strategies.

Pixels Chapter 2 - Tasks Source: Pixels

How to get started and earn $PIXEL in Chapter 2?

Earning $PIXEL tokens remains integral to the gameplay in Chapter 2. For new players, they can begin by visiting Karen in the Plot Office near the town square to establish their Speck.

Players continue to complete orders to earn coins and $PIXEL, with tasks now listed on the Task Board inside their Speck’s house instead of Buck’s Galore. These tasks often involve crafting various goods and items.

For more updates, head over to the official website and follow Pixels on X.

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