Pixel Realm Launches Daosis’ Sapphire Maestro NFT Sale

Pixel Realm Launches Daosis' Sapphire Maestro NFT Sale

What is Daosis?

Daosis is a decentralized launchpad focused on community-driven governance and innovation.

The platform enables community members to vote on launchpad proposals and community proposals utilizing the platform’s revenue, known as the “community budget.”

All $DSS token holders can participate in Daosis by voting on proposals, getting whitelisted for launchpads, and contributing to the ecosystem. The community can engage with the team and fellow members on X and Telegram. The platform prioritizes privacy and security through smart privacy features leveraging the Oasis network’s Sapphire EVM.

The DAO allows community members to propose and vote on projects for incubation on the launchpad and determine how Daosis’ revenue is allocated.


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