Pantera Capital Predicts Bitcoin Price at $117,000 by 2025

Pantera Capital Predicts Bitcoin at $117,000 by August 2025

Pantera Capital projects an astonishing ascent for Bitcoin, estimating its value at $117,000 by August 2025. 

This price prediction hinges on historical data surrounding Bitcoin halvings — a phenomenon that halves the reward for mining a block on the network.

Pantera Capital’s Bitcoin Price Prediction

In a recent report, Pantera Capital suggests that post-halving periods herald significant bull rallies. However, after the 2024 halving, Bitcoin suffered a price correction to $57,000. This pattern is typical of previous market cycles and predicts a potent bull run leading up to 2025.

In 2023, Bitcoin dipped to $28,168, yet it experienced a 1.8x increase by 2024. Pantera Capital extrapolates from this trend a robust 4.2x climb by late August 2025, just 480 days post-halving, culminating near a striking $117,482. Another optimistic prediction suggests Bitcoin might climb as high as $155,000 by the same year.


However, achieving these numbers requires overcoming substantial market resistance, particularly around $63,000. Pantera Capital points to Bitcoin’s current trajectory, which includes a “triple top pattern.” The analysts also foresee continued volatility as an indicator of the challenges ahead.

“A pattern has formed that we often call the triple top pattern. BTC/USD is currently experiencing a corrective recovery. However, breaking through the $63,000 resistance level remains a challenge and goal. The greatest volatility occurs after a breakout,” the report noted.

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Bitcoin Price Rallies Post-Halvings. Source: Pantera Capital

Nevertheless, the firm’s analysis remains steadfast, supported by successful past predictions, like when Bitcoin hit a market bottom of $17,000.


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