OpenAI set to unveil AI-driven challenger to Google Search

OpenAI set to unveil AI-driven challenger to Google Search

Google’s long-standing supremacy in the search engine arena may soon be challenged as OpenAI, boosted by its partnership with Microsoft, is reportedly stepping up to launch its own AI-driven search product.

According to two sources familiar with the matter who spoke to Reuters, OpenAI is scheduled to unveil its AI-powered search tool on Monday. The introduction of this product coincides closely with the timing of Google’s annual I/O conference, which starts on Tuesday and is anticipated to feature several AI-related announcements.

While Google remains a titan in search, it too has been adapting to incorporate AI more deeply into its functionalities. Google began trialling AI-powered search summaries in the US over a year ago and expanded testing to selected, signed-in UK users last month.

The potential entry of OpenAI into the search engine market adds a new layer of competition not only for Google, but also for other entities like Perplexity. This week, Perplexity announced a partnership with SoundHound to enhance voice assistants for IoT devices with its AI-powered search capabilities.


OpenAI, heavily supported by Microsoft, seems to be banking on the intersection of AI and search engine technology to carve out its niche. Microsoft previously integrated OpenAI’s AI capabilities into its Bing search engine and Edge browser in February 2023, making these advanced features available to paid subscribers, along with integration into its Microsoft Office suite.

OpenAI’s forthcoming search product is expected to expand on its existing flagship tool, ChatGPT. Reports from Bloomberg reveal that the new feature will allow users to pose questions to ChatGPT and receive responses that pull information from the web with appropriate citations. This could include references to Wikipedia or various blogs and might even provide illustrative images or diagrams relevant to the queries.

If OpenAI successfully launches this new search product, it could signify a significant shift in how internet searches are conducted—moving away from traditional search models towards more integrated, AI-driven responses that significantly enhance user experience.

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