NiceHash and Marathon partner to launch new firmware for miners

NiceHash and Marathon partner to launch new firmware for miners

NiceHash, a leading Bitcoin hashing power marketplace, has partnered with Marathon Digital Holdings to introduce new custom firmware for ASIC miners on its platform.

The new product, NiceHash Firmware, will leverage Marathon’s technology to enhance the efficiency and revenue of Bitcoin miners using ASIC devices. Miners who adopt this firmware will benefit from a low fee of 2%, which drops to 1.4% if they use NiceHash as their primary mining pool.

NiceHash Firmware aims to maximize miners’ profits by offering rewards for selling excess hashing power on its marketplace and boosting their ASIC machine’s efficiency.

The firmware’s features include an auto-tuning capability and a customized environment profile, which increase its market accessibility. The auto-tune feature allows adjustments based on the miners’ required power target, hashrate target, or percentage adjustment. The environment profile ensures compatibility with ASICs using air, hydro, and single—or two-phase immersion cooling systems.


Additionally, the firmware provides thermal protection to prevent overheating and includes a custom dashboard for detailed ASIC performance monitoring. The partnership with Marathon will ensure compatibility with NiceHash ASIC Manager, Foreman, and Awesome Miner.

Vladimir Hozjan, CEO of NiceHash, highlighted the significance of this addition to their product lineup. He said:

“Our joint efforts will ensure we stay ahead of this rapidly evolving industry. We believe that teaming up and combining our knowledge will strengthen our position in the market, drive innovation, set new standards in the mining space, and empower miners worldwide to achieve unprecedented efficiency and profitability.”

Echoing this sentiment, Marathon CTO Ashu Swami stated:

“This collaboration enables us to bring advanced safety and optimization features to Bitcoin miners of all sizes, enhancing their performance and profitability.”

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