MMORPG MapleStory N Opens Registration for Pioneer Test

MMORPG MapleStory N Opens Registration for Pioneer Test

What is MapleStory N?

MapleStory N is an upcoming PC-based MMORPG that integrates blockchain technology into the popular MapleStory IP.

Players will navigate a virtual world enriched with NFTs, enhancing in-game item ownership and economic interactions. Whilst the gameplay at its core is similar to the previous MapleStory titles, the way you progress and obtain items will be different such as limited item drops from bosses, item creating ability for contributors, and more.

With a global community of over 180 million registered users, MapleStory’s promises to deliver a unique MMORPG experience whilst paving the way for future innovations in the gaming industry.

User-Driven Economy and Reward System

During this Pioneer Test, players will experience MapleStory N’s integration of blockchain elements, including a limited supply reward system and user-driven economy with dynamic pricing.


Players will have access to the Zakum Boss content in Easy mode (Entry Lv.50+) and Normal mode (Entry Lv.90+), providing insights into the game’s gameplay mechanics.

“We’re excited to announce the registration for MapleStory N’s Pioneer Test. We urge users to register for the test today,” said Sunyoung Hwang, Executive Director of NEXPACE. “We are committed to delivering the best version of MapleStory N to the fans of the MapleStory IP based on the test results.”

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