Milady Maker NFTs Rise—Other OG Ethereum Assets Fall

Milady Maker NFTs Rise—Other OG Ethereum Assets Fall

In a week marked by price downturns for several leading Ethereum NFTs—with Mutant Ape Yacht Club seeing a 7.5% decline, Bored Ape Yacht Club falling by 5.2%, and Pudgy Penguins dropping 2.7%—Milady Maker goes against the grain. 

Despite other Ethereum collections decreasing in price, the floor price of Milady surged 35%, rapidly jumping from $15,278 (4 ETH) to $22,153 (5.8 ETH) on Tuesday. 

Milady Maker’s sudden rally lacks a definite trigger, but still, its momentum has been maintained. The collection’s floor price currently stands around an impressive $21,000 (5.5 ETH), with a market cap boasting $207.976 million (55,298 ETH). 

Milady Maker ethereum NFTs
Milady Maker ethereum NFTs Source: CoinGecko (Milady Maker)

Milady Maker’s Intriguing Journey

Launched in March 2021 at an initial mint price of 0.05 ETH, Milady Maker is a collection of 10,000 generative profile picture NFTs known for its “neochibi” style, inspired by the early 2000s Tokyo street style. 


The collection was developed by the Remilia Collective, known for the ‘Redacted Remilio Babies’. An anonymous team initially managed Milady until CEO Miya’, also known as Charlotte Fang and a controversial figure from 4chan, disclosed her identity. Following backlash, she stepped down as CEO.

Nonetheless, its prominence skyrocketed in May 2023 when Elon Musk tweeted a Milady meme, significantly boosting its value and leading to its recognition as ‘NFT Project of the Year’ at Binance’s 2023 Annual Awards.

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Each NFT is evaluated using a ‘drip score’ that rates its aesthetic appeal and style, ranging from grades ‘D’ to ‘SS’, adding a competitive and collectible element to the ownership experience.

Additionally, Milady NFTs offer more than digital avatars; holders gain access to exclusive events, virtual reality platforms like Milady VRtube, themed raves in global hotspots, a merchandise store, and a dedicated Minecraft server.

It’s has also backed charitable causes, donating 1 ETH (approximately $3,809 at the time of writing) to Save the Children.

Despite the project’s past woes and broader market challenges, Milady Maker’s resilience and surge in value underscore its distinct position within the NFT landscape, highlighting the unpredictable yet vibrant nature of digital art markets.

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