MetalCore Gears Up for its Upcoming Closed Beta 3.0 Launch

MetalCore Gears Up for its Upcoming Closed Beta 3.0 Launch

New Leaderboard System, Social Hubs, and More

Closed Beta 3.0 will introduce Session PvP Scenarios, where players compete in new modes like Domination, Capture the Flag, and High Value Target within set timeframes or objectives.

In addition to PvP scenarios, players will experience new Faction-War Centric PvE Missions. These missions involve collaborating with faction members to complete objectives in a conflict-ridden environment, each mission tailored to specific factions.

The update will also introduce Faction-Based Social Hubs, providing designated areas for players of different factions to gather and interact. Additionally, the new Vehicle Loadouts system will enable players to customize their vehicles according to their preferences. MetalCore will also open up a new map zone—the Starslope Station.

Closed Beta 3.0 will bring a new Leaderboard Reward System that offers incentives based on player rankings, with higher-ranked players receiving a larger portion of the reward pool. The update also aims to improve stability and performance, reducing crashes and ensuring consistent gameplay along with enhanced sound effects to enrich the overall gaming experience.


The official release date for Closed Beta 3.0 has yet to be announced and players are advised to follow MetalCore on X or follow their Discord channel for more information and updates.

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