Laika AI: Revolutionizing Trader Capabilities with AI Integration

Laika AI: Revolutionizing Trader Capabilities with AI Integration

The decentralized A community has much to celebrate as Laika Air continues to hit major milestones along its roadmap. The firm is among the first web3 AI-modeled platforms to offer chatbot services to the market, making it an innovative pioneer focused on improving trader capabilities via AI integration.  


V6 launch

Laika AI V5 introduced several helpful features that empowered traders and enabled anyone to conduct simple blockchain searches. The V5 features were revolutionary to the market and helped Laika AI secured +50k active users before a token launch. Now V6 will drive adoption even higher and usher in a new era in trader efficiency.

The Laikai AI V6 upgrade introduces more advanced tracking capabilities while improving the chatbot’s responsiveness. Now, traders can conduct in-depth blockchain, token, and wallet analysis using chatbot prompts. These upgrades will strengthen the community and make interactions easier for dapp developers.





Seamless Upgrade Process

Developers have assured the Laika AI community that the upgrade process will remain seamless. The +50k active daily users will experience no downtime before gaining access to the new features and services in the coming weeks. These highly anticipated upgrades have the blockchain community’s attention due to their ability to enhance performance and results while lowering workloads. 

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Google StartUp Program 

Laika AI is the first web3 AI blockchain ecosystem accepted into the Google Startup program. This acceptance is more than an honor. It provides Laika AI access to various Google tools, resources, advice, and networking opportunities. All of these factors have helped to drive momentum and expand the community.


Major Partnerships

Laika AI continues to ink partnerships with market front-runners and thought leaders. The platform has pivoted its focus towards the popular blockchain ecosystem. To that extent, the campaign has been very successful with Laika Ai securing multiple multi-billion dollar blockchains as partners including Arbitrum, Linea, scroll, BSC chain, and Near.

Each partnership improves Laika AI’s reach and market penetration. It also raises awareness by combining Like AI’s community with these large decentralized ecosystems. As such, all parties gain major benefits with blockchain users enjoying a more relaxed UX and developers streamlining onboarding processes. 


Major CEX/DEX Listings

The $LKI token has gained serious exposure due to multiple high-level CEXs (centralized exchange) and DEXs (decentralized exchange) listings. The decision to leverage both types of exchanges improves exposure and opens the door for more participation from traders.

Notably, Laika AI has scheduled a massive event that includes KuCoin, Gate, MEXC and Pancake Swap on 6th June, 9 am UTC. This multi-listing will bring $LKI to the masses, leveraging established exchanges and reputable partners. It will also drive $LKI demand alongside the added features the network will incorporate with the V6 upgrade. 


Laika AI – Follow the Roadmap to Success

The Laika AI team has proven their dedication to sticking to the plan. The platform remains ahead of schedule and continues to expand its services, network, and user base at an impressive rate. Stay tuned to learn more about how Laika AI seeks to become the premier web3 AI onramp globally.

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