Introducing BlockGuard’s Fusio: The Decentralized Portfolio Management Platform

Introducing BlockGuard's Fusio: The Decentralized Portfolio Management Platform

10th July, 2024 — BlockGuard, a DeFi protocol based out of the USA, is thrilled to announce the launch of its decentralised portfolio management platform called Fusio. Fusio is designed to provide both novice and experienced investors with an effortless, intuitive way to diversify their digital assets.

Prominent DeFi KOLs and investors @CryptoFace, @CryptoSensei, and @GreyJabesi have also joined hands with the platform and become Fusio’s very first Curated Portfolio managers. 

“Fusio is the first step in a long future of providing top-quality tools and services to aid the adoption of DeFi,” said Anthony Bevan, BlockGuard CEO and co-founder.


Fusio introduces Curated Portfolios (CP), a feature that allows anyone with a Reserve or Prospector NFT to create diversified portfolios for others to copy, enabling users to benefit from the expertise of experienced investors.

With Portfolio Builder (PB), Fusio empowers users to choose their own allocation of coins for a self-directed portfolio manager. This feature caters to individual investment strategies and preferences.

“The concept of Fusio started about 18 months ago with the vision of bringing familiar and time-tested investment vehicles from traditional finance into the DeFi space,” explained Thomas Owings, BlockGuard CPO and co-founder. 

Fusio offers major cost savings compared to traditional portfolio management. By consolidating multiple assets into a single transaction and implementing a daily transaction window, investors save on fees, which makes investing much more affordable.

In the coming months, BlockGuard will launch their own DEX wallet ensuring a unified user experience for Fusio users.

In the future, BlockGuard is poised to open the floodgates for blockchain adoption, providing a well-rounded ecosystem and tools for trading users and advisors to succeed in the DeFi space. Users can stay tuned and keep their eyes open for more exciting developments.


About BlockGuard

BlockGuard is developing a diverse product line featuring decentralised, professionally managed funds, a gold-backed token redeemable for physical gold, on-chain two-factor authentication (2FA) and an advanced financial planning software for investment categorization and AI for personalised recommendations. 

Founded by experts with deep roots in both traditional finance and decentralised finance, BlockGuard bridges the gap between TradFI and DeFi. Thomas Owings brings extensive experience in traditional finance, while Anthony Bevan and Anthony Zirolli specialise in decentralised finance. Together, they are committed to building an inclusive and practical decentralised ecosystem.

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