Fusio by Blockguard, 1st Decentralised Platform for a Diversified Investment Portfolio

Fusio by Blockguard, 1st Decentralised Platform for a Diversified Investment Portfolio

In the current investment landscape, finding an intuitive decentralised portfolio management app for newcomers and seasoned investors can be a daunting task due to market complexities, lack of regulation, and integration challenges. Enter Fusio by Blockguard, a visionary platform designed to simplify portfolio diversification while enhancing user control and security, releasing to the public on 8th July 2024.  

Fusio’s vision and features

Fusio’s core vision is to democratise investment opportunities by offering a platform where users can effortlessly diversify their DeFi portfolios. The key innovation lies in the ability to purchase a single position that includes up to 30 different individual cryptocurrency coins. This not only streamlines the investment process but also eliminates the need for extensive market research, saving valuable time for investors.

While the platform plans to roll out several features, the two distinct features it currently boasts caters to different investment styles. Let’s check them out.

1. Curated Portfolios (CP)

Curated Portfolios are managed by individuals who purchased or were given either a Prospector or Reserve NFT based on their portfolio management expertise. That gives them the ability to create diversified portfolios and share revenue. These portfolios can be copied by other users, offering a passive investment option based on expert strategies.


2. Portfolio Builder (PB)

For those preferring a more hands-on approach, the Portfolio Builder allows users to customise their allocations across various coins, but in this, others cannot buy into and share revenue like CPs. This self-directed portfolio management tool gives users the power to diversify their investments according to their preferences and risk tolerance.

Why use Fusio?

Other than Fusio’s user-friendly features that enable decentralised portfolio management, there are also other reasons the app stands out. 

1. Cost-saving benefits are a given

By consolidating multiple assets into a single transaction, Fusio minimises transaction fees, which can be substantial in traditional portfolio management services. Additionally, with a daily transaction window, users can optimise their trading strategies and further reduce costs.

2. Security is paramount 

Security is paramount at Fusio. While centralised exchanges (CEXs) are very secure, they don’t offer full control and custody of a user’s assets and may restrict withdrawals or trading, Fusio prioritises decentralisation as its core value. Here, users retain full control over their assets, ensuring transparency and security in every transaction. 

3. No compromise on transparency

In times where data privacy is increasingly crucial but not given as much importance to, the Fusio app sets itself apart with its top-notch transparency features. It provides comprehensive data on individual assets and all transactions, empowering users with full visibility and control over all of their financial activities.


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What’s next?

Looking ahead, BlockGuard, the company behind Fusio, is committed to continuous improvement and expansion. The ecosystem initially emerged to show how blockchain technology can transform capital markets and ways of managing assets for individuals. Hence future updates will focus on integrating Fusio with more networks and exchanges, enhancing accessibility and liquidity for users.

Stay tuned for updates and advancements as Blockguard continues to pave the way for a future where it bridges the gap between traditional and decentralised finance.

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