FSL Launches New Move-to-Earn Mobile Game ‘Stepn Go’

FSL Launches New Move-to-Earn Mobile Game 'Stepn Go'

Web3 game developer Find Satoshi Lab has announced the release of Stepn Go, a revamped version of its first move-to-earn game, featuring new social elements and marks the third web3 title following Stepn and Gas Hero.

Stepn Go, akin to its predecessor Stepn, incentivizes players to earn rewards through physical movement. However, FSL has enhanced the gaming experience by incorporating several social features, aligning with the growing trend of social interaction-focused games.

One of the latest addition is ‘The Haus,’ allowing players to lend their NFT Sneakers to up to five guests for a specified duration and tracking their status.

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What is Stepn Go?

Stepn Go is a mobile web3 game allowing players to earn rewards by physically moving with their NFT Sneakers.


The game also introduces the Go Game Token ($GGT), a digital currency that players can earn by using their NFT Sneakers to move outdoors. While there is a daily energy cap of 300, it can be increased by levelling up or burning NFT Sneakers. It also features a PvP leaderboard system that reward players with tokens accumulated from flagged or cheating users, adding a competitive element to the game.

Players can also customize their avatars with various outfits, which are either craftable or purchasable using $GGT. These avatars facilitate social interactions on the game’s map and can later transition to FSL’s upcoming social platform, MoonBase.

Access to MoonBase will require an FSL ID and FSL Badge, given to new users upon sign-up.

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