FRVR AI makes game creation available to anyone

FRVR AI makes game creation available to anyone

Over the years, the video games industry has become one of the biggest and most influential mediums in the entertainment segment. Despite the myriad of games available on the market, from expensive AAA titles to casual games, millions of gamers are brimming with innovative ideas and dream of creating their own unique gaming experiences that studios often overlook. The team at FRVR appears to have found a solution, how to make game development accessible to everyone with the power of AI.

About FRVR

Chris Benjaminsen and Brian Meidell, veterans of the video game industry, launched FRVR in 2014 intending to make games more accessible to anybody, at any time, and anywhere. Over the years, FRVR has led the quest to democratize game distribution by removing barriers that gamers may face when playing their favorite games.

Today on the FRVR platform, gamers can find a wide range of games spanning many genres that are playable on Mobile App Stores, Facebook Instant, Microsoft Windows via Windows Start, Samsung phones, Discord, Steam, Television, and even newer cars. Over 1.5 billion players worldwide have enjoyed the studio’s creations, with some games attracting over 100 million monthly users.


With no plans to abandon its mission of making games available to everyone, FRVR has expanded its efforts towards democratizing game development with the release of FRVR AI. This tool lets anybody, regardless of professional background or skill with code and art, create their own games they`d like to play.

How FRVR AI works

The idea behind FRVR AI is to make the game creation process accessible and simple for anyone who wants to express their creativity, whether it’s bringing a long-held vision to life or entering the game development field to monetize this craft further.

Getting started is extremely easy: users simply provide the AI model with a brief description of the game they wish to create. After that, FRVR’s AI engine develops the game’s basic structure, logic, and assets, making it playable right away. Further users can refine the gameplay or visuals by simply interacting with the tool through written instructions until they are satisfied with the final result.

The user-friendly layout of the tool is designed to help creators navigate around easily. FRVR AI is divided into five major sections: an input field for communication with the AI model, a live preview for game version playback, a history tab for viewing and modifying history, a code tab for examining source code, and an assets tab for creating and modifying visuals and sounds.

Beginners and experienced creators who are unsure about their next steps in game creation can always get assistance thanks to the tool`s strong self-direction function. FRVR AI can analyze the original game description, change history, and source code to automatically propose what it deems to be the next logical step for the game.

The generative AI capabilities produce ready visual components, and let users modify the size, color, and shape of objects to create a distinctive appearance for their games. Recently FRVR AI received an update that lets players add sound effects and backing audio for their creations, which can drastically enhance gameplay dynamics and improve immersion.

Like many other AI tools, FRVR AI provides record-keeping on all the prompts that the AI system receives as well as their outcomes. However, what makes it rather unique is the fact that it can revert to any previous state, making the users feel free to try out different options without fear of possibly ruining their game by making a wrong move.

Using FRVR AI is easy and efficient no matter what device the creators are working. The clear and user-friendly interface makes the experience fast and seamless on both computers, tablets, and smartphones, enabling the users to make games from anywhere at any time with the ability to capture and document ideas on the fly. Whether at home or on a trip, the FRVR AI would be a great companion for anyone starting a game development journey.

One amazing aspect of FRVR AI is how effortless it is for users to publish their creations on the FRVR platform. Simply clicking the share button allows a game to be included in the library granting access to anyone who wants to enjoy the newly crafted game.


FRVR AI is currently available in the beta version. Users can join at and start working on their games after their submission is reviewed. The tool has already attracted a large community of over a thousand creators, including game developers and hobbyists, who constantly share their experiences and feedback. Creators can also enter monthly competitions with a $2,500 prize pool available to all users.

The team at FRVR keeps working on the tool and regularly releases new updates, improvements, and entire features. Through analyzing the creators’ feedback and keeping up with the trends, FRVR aims to make an inclusive platform where anyone, from newcomers to seasoned developers, can have a great time creating, sharing, and playing fun games.

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