EigenDA Unveils Dual Quorum and Supports Production Traffic

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EigenDA Supports Rollup Production Traffic on Mainnet

According to a recent blog post by EigenLayer Blog, EigenDA is now supporting rollup production traffic on its mainnet. The platform is allowing anyone to deploy their rollup and get whitelisted on its free tier. Those interested in deploying their rollups with EigenDA on the free tier are required to provide their client ETH address through the EigenDA Contact Form.

Introduction of Dual Quorum Model

One of the business models discussed in the EigenLayer whitepaper is the dual staking utility that can feature two quorums: ETH restakers and $AVS stakers. The blog post announced that the dual quorum model, previously revealed on the Holesky testnet, is now available on the EigenDA mainnet. Initially, EigenDA’s dual quorum launches with ETH as the first quorum and EIGEN as the second quorum. This launch allows EIGEN holders to stake to EigenDA operators, who can then opt into EigenDA’s dual quorum, thereby enhancing the network’s security.

Following stakedrop claims on May 10, EigenDA currently has over 4M EIGEN staked and delegated. The platform is also working to extend this multiple quorum model to allow EigenDA rollups to stake their own custom tokens to secure blobs.

Mainnet Production Traffic Announcement

The blog post further announced that EigenDA is now supporting production traffic for any rollup, following the final stage of testing and hardening. Presently, EigenDA has over 230 operators and over 120,000 stakers delegating more than 3.4M ETH to secure the network. This move introduces the first alt-DA solution running in production secured by restaked ETH, and it also engages many parts of the EigenLayer cryptoeconomic ecosystem to form a crucial piece of infrastructure for the next era of services and applications.


For a limited time, any rollup may use EigenDA with throughput similar to production L2s for free. To reserve bandwidth in advance and for performance beyond these rates, users are encouraged to get in touch with the team.

Next Steps for EigenDA

Onboarding the first rollups onto EigenDA mainnet is the next stage of a multi-stage launch towards the endgame for data availability for the Ethereum ecosystem. EigenDA offers numerous benefits such as hyperscalability, cost flexibility, ease of integration, and native token staking.

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