Earn Passive Income with AST Mining Free Cloud Mining in 2024 – Daily Payouts

Earn Passive Income with AST Mining Free Cloud Mining in 2024 - Daily Payouts

Cryptocurrencies are hot, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. But the technical side and expensive equipment can be a barrier. That’s where cloud mining comes in! AST Mining is a leader in this field, letting you earn cryptocurrency without the hassle.

Imagine renting out mining power instead of buying expensive machines. That’s what AST Mining offers. They take care of the technical stuff, and you get the potential for passive crypto income. With a user-friendly platform and a focus on security, AST Mining could be your gateway to financial freedom in the exciting world of crypto. This guide will explore everything AST Mining offers, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.


What is Cloud Mining and How AST Mining is Unique?

Earning cryptocurrency can seem complicated, but there’s a way to do it without fancy computers or a ton of work! Cloud mining lets you rent computing power from companies like AST Mining.


Here’s the good part: you don’t need to be a tech whiz or buy expensive equipment. AST Mining takes care of everything technical, and you can focus on the potential to earn crypto. Plus, you don’t have to worry about high electricity bills or noisy fans – they keep things quiet and efficient.

AST Mining makes things easy with a user-friendly platform, so you can get started quickly. They also offer different mining plans depending on how much you want to invest and how much you want to earn. The best part? You can potentially earn crypto every single day!

Security is important too, and AST Mining uses strong protection measures to keep your information safe. They even have partners like McAfee® and Cloudflare® to help with extra security.

With AST Mining, you can also get a bonus for referring your friends, and they have different mining contracts to choose from depending on your goals.

Cloud mining might be a good way to jump into the world of cryptocurrency without all the hassle.


How to Begin with Cloud Mining, AST Mining is the Perfect Choice

Keen to give cloud mining a go? Here are the basic steps you need to follow to begin.


Step 1: Choose a Cloud Mining Provider

AST Mining is a well-known and powerful platform for crypto mining, offering a great way to earn passive income in cryptocurrencies. It’s one of the world’s top mining companies and a trusted partner. Recently, AST Mining launched a free Bitcoin mining program, making it easy for anyone to earn Bitcoin passively. They aim to make Bitcoin mining accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skills or money, and with no strings attached. Once you’ve mined 100 USDT worth of bitcoins, you can transfer them to your account and start trading. Any profit you make is yours to keep, and you can withdraw it to your personal wallet.

Here are some advantages of using this platform:

Get a $100 bonus instantly when you sign up.
Enjoy high profitability levels and receive daily payouts.
There are no extra services or administrative fees to worry about.
Users can mine more than 6 other currencies using the platform.
The company’s affiliate program lets you refer friends and earn up to $5,000 in referral bonuses.
Your security is ensured with McAfee® and Cloudflare® security protection.
AST Mining guarantees 100% uptime and provides excellent 24/7 technical support to assist you whenever you need help.


Step 2: Sign up for an account

In this example, we’re looking at cloud mining with AST Mining, but there are other companies out there too.

Whichever one you choose, you’ll need to sign up for an account. AST Mining makes it really easy – all you need is an email address and you’re good to go! Once you’re signed up, you can basically start mining Bitcoin right away.


Step 3: Buy Mining Contracts

Currently, AST Mining offers various mining contract options, including packages priced at $100, $200, and $500, each with its own unique return on investment (ROI) and contract length. Participating in these contracts unlocks opportunities for passive income generation. For instance, with the $100 contract, which lasts for 1 day, participants receive a fixed return of $100 plus an additional $1.5 daily, resulting in a 1.5% daily rate.

Similarly, the $200 contract, also lasting for 1 day, yields a fixed return of $200 plus $4 daily, equating to a 2% daily rate. The $500 contract spans 2 days, offering a fixed return of $500 plus $15 daily, with a daily rate of 1.5%. Likewise, the $1100 contract extends over 3 days, providing a fixed return of $1100 plus $54.45 daily, resulting in a 1.65% daily rate.

Lastly, the $3000 contract, lasting 5 days, yields a fixed return of $3000 plus $270 daily, with a daily rate of 1.8%. Income from these contracts is accessible the day after purchase, and once it reaches $200, users have the option to withdraw to their encrypted wallet or reinvest in other contracts.


Contract price
Contract terms
Fixed return
Daily rate

1 Days

1 Days

2 Days

3 Days

5 Days


Affiliate Programs Offered By AST Mining for More Income

They just launched a program where you can earn money by telling your friends about them! You don’t even need to invest your own money to get started.  If you can get a certain number of people to sign up and start mining, you can earn a bonus of up to $5,000! There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, so there’s no limit to how much you can potentially earn.


Final Words

Cloud mining can be a good way to boost your passive income, which is basically like earning money on autopilot.  Imagine money growing in the background while you focus on other things.

Here’s the deal: with cloud mining, you don’t need to spend hours actively trading or dealing with complex transactions. AST Mining makes it easy to potentially earn cryptocurrency passively, which could be a great way to grow your crypto wealth over time.

For additional information on AST Mining, please visit their website at:https://astmining.com

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