DigiFolio’s DigiToken DGFL in PreSale Round 2: Act Fast Before It’s Over!

DigiFolio's DigiToken DGFL in PreSale Round 2: Act Fast Before It's Over!

HONG KONG, 22th June 2024 – DigiFolio, a pioneering web3 company, is excited to announce that DigiToken (DGFL) is now in its PreSale Round 2. This exclusive opportunity allows investors to acquire DGFL tokens at a special pre-sale rate, offering significant advantages before the public launch.


Why DigiToken?

DigiToken powers the entire DigiFolio ecosystem, including:



DigiFolio Portal: A comprehensive investment
Digi Wallet: Secure storage and transactions for
Digi Play: Interactive gaming platform with play-to-earn
Digi Swap: Seamless digital asset
Digi AI: Advanced AI-powered trading


Key Highlights of DigiToken PreSale Round 2:

Limited Availability: Tokens are being rapidly
Exclusive Rates: Benefit from the pre-sale
Innovative Ecosystem: Access unique features within DigiFolio’s diverse

Luis García, Brand Ambassador of DigiFolio, emphasizes, “This is a unique chance for early adopters to be part of an innovative digital finance ecosystem. DigiToken is designed to provide unparalleled utility and value to its holders.”



About DigiFolio

DigiFolio is a Hong Kong-based web3 company with multiple projects, including DigiFolio Portal, Digi Wallet, Digi Play, Digi Swap, and Digi AI. The ecosystem is powered by DigiToken, enabling secure and efficient digital asset transactions and investments.

Presale Link: Join the DigiFolio Presale – https://presale.digifolios.com



Contact Information

Azat Shahanov

info@digifolios.com https://digifolios.com

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