DATS Project Partners with Peaq to Decentralize Cybersecurity

DATS Project Partners with Peaq to Decentralize Cybersecurity

DATS Project , a web3 company offering cybersecurity solutions, has started to adopt the decentralized approach using blockchain technology and recently revealed its partnership with Peaq, an L1 blockchain designed for DePIN and the management of machine RWAs.

This partnership aims to enhance cybersecurity measures by providing various security services, including simulated attacks and vulnerability scans.

This also sees the integration of DATS desktop app with Peaq, enabling NFT minting and smart contract deployment for network operations.

Source: DATS Project

What is DATS Project?

The DATS Project provides decentralized computing power focused on cybersecurity and cyber threat intelligence.


It offers a new approach to cybersecurity by enabling a large number of participants to contribute their computing resources helping to reduce costs associated with traditional centralized systems.

Participants can earn rewards by sharing their computing power and also offers a pay-on-demand pricing model, allowing users to access cybersecurity services at a fraction of the cost of conventional products and services.

Redefined Cybersecurity with DePIN

The network currently consists of 1,184 computers with a total of 7,562 CPU cores and a bandwidth of 48,008 megabits per second.

The DATS Project can simulate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and offers decentralized vulnerability scanning and threat intelligence collection by utilizing blockchain technology for transparency and issues NFT-based security certificates to clients after security assessments.

Serkan Bilen, Co-founder of the DATS Project, shared, “The DePIN model grants cybersecurity providers the capacity and scalability that’s only possible in web3.”

Till Wendler, Co-founder of Peaq, also noted, “Cybersecurity is a crucial industry that stands to gain a lot from the web3 transparency and scaling capabilities. We are excited to see DATS Project leverage Peaq as the L1 for a DePIN transforming this market with community ownership and decentralization.”

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