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While Worldcoin (WLD) and Avalanche (AVAX) have experienced massive gains in early May, investors are optimistic about its upcoming price trend. However, a new blockchain ICOBorroe Finance ($ROE), has evolved as an unstoppable force in the market. But will $ROE prevail over WLD and AVAX post-launch? Let’s explore.



Worldcoin Hikes Amidst New OpenAI Rumors

Worldcoin has witnessed a notable uptick in early May. With a price pump of 22% in the past week, WLD has become one of the top-performing altcoins. This extraordinary WLD’s price surge was aligned with the buzz surrounding potential new ventures by OpenAI


Moreover, it was very evident that WLD has always been linked to advancements undertaken by OpenAI. This recent surge has formed a bullish double-bottom pattern in Worldcoin’s price chart. The whale addresses also made a significant uptrend, prompting buying signals for WLD. 

As of early May, WLD was trading at around $5.50. The altcoin price was noting a bullish reversal rally during this period and will likely continue in future. Technical indicators of Worldcoin, such as MACD and RSI, have also displayed a rise in bullish momentum. 

Hence, experts say if Worldcoin continues to gain markets’ confidence, WLD will see gains of around $7.75 by Q3 of 2024.


Avalanche Surges in Early May

After trading in red candlesticks for over a month, Avalanche has finally started a resurgence. The price of AVAX jumped from $31.00 to $39.00 in the first week of May. This has marked a 25.80% surge within a week. This upsurge has added bullish sentiment surrounding the Avalanche community.

With this surge, the bulls’ focus of attention has changed to AVAX. The bulls are trying their best to push and maintain the AVAX level above $40.00. However, AVAX has not been able to surpass that level. Experts anticipate AVAX will soon trigger a breakout.

On the other hand, Avalanche was still on downtrend momentum from a broader technical perspective. There was a mixed market sentiment for Avalanche. However, the slight rise in AVAX’s MACD histograms enhances the possibility of riding a bullish rally. 

Analysts predict that if Avalanche regains market momentum, AVAX will surge back to the $55.00 level. This prediction has made Avalanche one of the best altcoins to explore.


Borroe Finance Builds Faith Among Investors

As an impeccable force in the DeFi space, Borroe Finance ($ROE) has become the best DeFi crypto. This was possible only due to its jaw-dropping presale excellence. The new and easy way of turning future revenue into upfront cash has become a show stealer for Borroe Finance.

By leveraging the power of cutting-edge technologies like AI, blockchain, smart contracts and NFTs, Borroe Finance will change the game of crowdfunding scenario in the Web3 space. It will showcase how crowdfunding needs to be done, canceling rigidity and tedious processes.

With its innovative approach to token swaps and liquidity pools, $ROE stands as an alluring selection among investors. Therefore, experts consider $ROE as one of the most viral token launches.

The excellent journey of $ROE’s presale is going to end soon. Currently, $ROE is almost in its vesting period and selling at $0.025. So far, $ROE’s early investors have already enjoyed a 150% price hike. Moreover, $ROE offers another promising surge after it launches at $0.025 on major exchanges.


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