Bitcoin miner CleanSpark records highest single mining day in April in post-halving report

Bitcoin miner CleanSpark records highest single mining day in April in post-halving report

CleanSpark has released its first monthly unaudited Bitcoin mining and operations update since the halving. The company exceeded 17 EH/s in hashrate, mining an impressive 721 BTC with a record daily high of over 48 BTC.

CEO Zach Bradford highlighted the company’s monthly gains in efficiency metrics as they deploy advanced S21 machines across their expanding facilities. These improvements have amplified mining output and optimized operational costs. He commented,

“The remarkable increase in transaction fees immediately following the halving has significantly bolstered our bitcoin production this month, resulting in a robust increase to our bitcoin treasury.”

Bradford emphasized CleanSpark’s industry-leading scale and low mining costs, positioning them to excel in the new post-halving environment. The company has already observed signs of less efficient miners ceasing operations, which is expected to contribute to a decline in the global hash rate and a temporary yet beneficial correction in Bitcoin’s spot price over the coming weeks.

In April 2024, CleanSpark mined 721 BTC, bringing their year-to-date total to 2,752 BTC. As of April 30, the company held 5,739 BTC in its treasury. CleanSpark sold 2.88 bitcoin in April at an average price of approximately $64,000 per Bitcoin. Their deployed fleet consisted of 136,496 miners with a month-end fleet efficiency of 24.22 J/TH and a current hashrate of 17.3 EH/s.


The company is making progress on expanding its Dalton, GA, campus. Once complete, the expansion, referred to as Dalton 4, will run a fleet of S21s in a 15MW facility, adding approximately 0.8 EH/s. This will bring CleanSpark’s total hashrate at the Dalton campus, consisting of four independent data centers, to 2.4 EH/s.

CleanSpark’s strong performance in April demonstrates its ability to thrive in the competitive post-halving Bitcoin mining landscape. With its focus on efficiency, expanding operations, and strategic planning, the company believes it is well-positioned for continued success in the months and years ahead.

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