Axie Infinity Introduces Governance Portal and Axie Score System

Axie Infinity Introduces Governance Portal and Axie Score System

Axie Infinity, the popular web3 game developed by Sky Mavis, has recently launched the Axie Governance Portal and Axie Score, providing players a platform to participate directly in the game’s decision-making processes. By connecting their Ronin Wallets and staking $AXS tokens, players can now vote on important proposals that shape the future of Axie Infinity.

The first proposal, AIP-001, focuses on enabling enhanced delegation of Axie assets through a hard fork on the Ronin network. This proposal also includes infrastructure enhancements to facilitate future upgrades without additional hard forks.

Voting for AIP-001 opens on May 20 at 7:00AM UTC and closes on May 27 and in order to participate, players must stake their $AXS tokens before a snapshot is taken at 1:00AM UTC on May 20.

Source: Axie Infinity

More Contributions Equals More Voting Power

Complementing the Governance Portal is the new Axie Score, a point system designed to reflect a player’s contributions to the Axie Infinity community. The first pre-release version is calculated based on four main categories:


In-game Performance: Reflects a player’s activity and achievements within the game.Contributions to the Treasury: Includes activities that generate revenue for the Axie Community Treasury, such as Axie part evolution and releasing Axies.Community Contributions: Measures a player’s involvement and value added to the Axie community.Axie NFT Holdings: Accounts for the diversity and number of Axie-related assets a player owns, including Axies, land, etc.

Each player’s Axie Score influences their voting power in the Governance Portal. The score is updated in real-time until the snapshot on May 20, after which voting power will be locked for the duration of the vote. At the end of the voting period, players will be able to check in and see the final results.

Source: Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity team is committed to refining both the Axie Score and the Governance Portal based on community feedback and players are encouraged to share their suggestions and join the Contributor Program to help shape these tools’ future development.

For more details about Axie Governance Portal and Axie Score, interested participants are encouraged to visit Axie Infinity’s blog.

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