Arkansas governor to reportedly sign two bills regulating crypto mining activities

Arkansas governor to reportedly sign two bills regulating crypto mining activities

Arkansas State Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is expected to sign two new bills regulating crypto mining activities within the state, according to various sources.

The state lawmakers passed Senate Bills 78 and 79 on May 1 to tighten the regulations governing crypto miners in the state.

These legislative initiatives respond directly to concerns raised following the passage of Act 851. Although Act 851 sailed through the 2023 regular session, it has faced backlash for its perceived lack of oversight regarding crypto mining activities.

Locals have reportedly expressed concerns about the loud noises from the crypto mines and their large water and energy consumption.


Remarkably, the bills are coming less than a month after the Arkansas Senate approved a resolution introducing legislation to impose fees on crypto miners for excessive energy consumption.

The bills

Senate Bill 78 focuses on curtailing noise pollution and water consumption by miners. It bars foreign entities from owning mining operations within the state and empowers local governments to oversee miners’ activities.

Conversely, Senate Bill 79 mandates crypto miners to secure licenses before launching operations in the state. It proposes establishing a state licensing system overseen by the Department of Energy’s Oil and Gas Commission.

Notably, both bills feature a provision disallowing ownership of crypto mines by foreign parties from countries under the federal International Traffic in Arms Regulations ban.

Representative Andrew Collins, who opposed the bills, voiced concerns about their potential impact on foreign investments. He argued that their scope might inadvertently entangle innocent parties while overlooking undisclosed domestic or foreign entities.

In contrast, Representative Jeremiah Moore, one of the bill sponsors, highlighted the unprecedented growth of the crypto-mining industry in the state and emphasized the need for an adequate regulatory framework to govern this burgeoning sector.

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