Aethir and Magic Eden Join Forces to Boost Web 3.0 Gaming

Aethir and Magic Eden Join Forces to Boost Web 3.0 Gaming

Aethir – a distributed GPU cloud computing platform – has announced teaming up with NFT giant Magic Eden to boost Web 3.0 gaming on a massive scale. The aim is to create a unified Web 3.0 gaming ecosystem by utilizing Aethir’s enterprise-grade GPU infrastructure and Magic Eden’s NFT platform.

The latest initiative will also enable Magic Eden’s gaming partners to have access to Aethir’s premium GPU-as-a-service platform, while the latter will recommend Magic Eden to its gaming partners as their primary NFT platform.

Aethir and Magic Eden Team Up

In a press release shared with CryptoPotato, Aethir stated that Magic Eden is a “highly versatile NFT hub” used by projects from different segments of the NFT industry, but gaming projects are a vital element of the marketplace.

With blockchain gaming becoming highly demanding regarding GPU power coupled with the rapidly growing number and quality of blockchain games, there is a need for scalable cloud infrastructure to accommodate new games and players.


As such, Aethir aims to provide the necessary GPU resources to power the next generation of blockchain games. Through its decentralized cloud infrastructure, Web 3.0 gaming projects can ensure a smooth experience for their users regardless of their location.

Enhancing Global Gaming Accessibility

Aethir, which is an AI-focused GPU-as-a-Service provider, revealed that its computing infrastructure distributes GPU Container resources globally. Rather than relying on a small number of centralized big-tech data servers, the company employs numerous distributed cloud servers.

This setup reduces the physical distance between gamers and GPU cloud resources, thereby reducing latency. Additionally, Aethir’s technology aggregates processing power from idle GPUs, leading to more efficient GPU usage and cost-effectiveness, the company, which is backed by Hashkey and Animoca Brands, said in a statement.

Following the development, Magic Eden’s CRO, Chris Akhavan commented,

“Aethir’s compute infrastructure has the potential to solve critical issues for distributing web3 games. We’re excited to see web3 studios leverage the ability to have their games instantly playable through any browser by using Aethir’s platform.

This provides the opportunity to reach more gamers in environments that aren’t restricted by the major app stores while giving gamers an instant path to web3 games without the need for lengthy download and install times.”

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