1 in 4 US Voters Likely to Invest in Ethereum ETFs

US Investors Show Interest in Ethereum ETFs, Survey Finds

A survey by Grayscale and The Harris Poll indicates that US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval of a spot Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) would likely boost American investment in the digital asset.

Though the long-term performance of these ETFs is uncertain, the poll suggests their introduction will significantly advance the crypto market’s maturity and mainstream adoption.

Ethereum ETF Will Drive Adoption

The poll reveals that nearly one in four likely voters would consider investing in Ethereum if an ETF-based product were approved. This approval would increase their interest in Ethereum and other crypto assets beyond Bitcoin.

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US Investors Interest in Ethereum ETF. Source: Grayscale

Grayscale’s findings support analysts’ predictions about Ethereum ETFs’ potential success. Quinn Thompson, founder of Leker Capital, referencing Neil Osborne, stated that the ETH ETF is a proxy for traditional investors who lack exposure to blockchain and crypto beyond digital gold.

“By investing in Ethereum you’re getting exposure to stablecoins/payments, tokenization, DeFi, digital art/NFTs, infrastructure/staking/layer 2 scaling. All of this new technology is built on Ethereum and pays fees for its usage and activity which accrues as revenue to the ETH network and token,” Quinn explained.

This perspective leads many market experts to anticipate significant investment inflows once trading begins. Charles Yu, Vice President of Research at Galaxy Digital, estimated that ETH ETFs might attract up to $1 billion in monthly inflows during the first five months. Similarly, Bitwise CIO Matthew Hougan predicted $15 billion in inflows within the first 18 months.

Despite the potential for high success, 25% of Grayscale respondents said that ETF approval would not influence their investment interest. The survey also highlighted that a considerable portion of the population remains unfamiliar with spot Ethereum ETF. It shows that around 43% of US voters were unaware of it.

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Ethereum ETF Survey
Ethereum ETF Survey. Source: Grayscale

Meanwhile, the survey shows crypto has become an increasingly important subject for American voters. According to the survey, a third of American likely voters have become more open to crypto since the beginning of this year, and 47% of them believe that crypto will eventually wind up in their investment portfolios.


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