Yat Siu Tokenizes His Stradivarius Violin, Secures Loan from Galaxy

Yat Siu Tokenizes His Stradivarius Violin, Secures Loan from Galaxy

A Stradivarius violin, once owned by Russia’s Catherine the Great, has been tokenized to secure a multi-million dollar loan through Galaxy Digital‘s Global Markets business, marking a new use case of blockchain technology in managing real-world assets.

The violin was crafted in 1708 by Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari, renowned for its craftsmanship and historical provenance, was acquired last year by Yat Siu, Co-founder of Animoca Brands, for approximately $9 million.

This move allows Siu to have the violin and its corresponding NFT to be used as collateral.

yat-siu-tokenizes-his-stradivarius-violin Source: Galaxy

Pioneering Real-World Asset Value Utilization

The tokenization process, led by Galaxy’s subsidiary GK8, converts the physical violin into digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This enables enhanced liquidity and provides a way for asset owners to realize economic value without selling the asset itself.


Michael Novogratz, CEO and Founder at Galaxy Digital, highlighted the precedent this sets for accessing and utilizing the value of real-world assets through blockchain saying, “By tokenizing this Stradivarius violin, we are not just preserving the legacy of one of the world’s most precious musical instruments, but we are also setting a precedent for how the latent value of real-world assets can be accessed and utilized.”

Yat Siu had aslo expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “I am thrilled to help trailblaze this new economic model for unique assets while at the same time preserving and sharing not just a very rare and precious instrument, but also a piece of history.”

The digital representation of the violin will facilitate the loan process, while the physical violin will be securely stored.

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